Planning Travel

How does the Kated website work?

Kated is a members-only travel club. Kated members use the Bucketlist for joyful trip planning. They connect directly with local travel suppliers and to plan and book a personally tailored trip. And because it’s a Kated trip you have the reassurance of 100% trip protection and 24-7 support.

How can I plan a trip?

Kated members plan trips directly with local travel designers. Travel designers are not travel agents. They are local travel suppliers, the real experts and the same people who will operate your trip.

Kated members can also plan their own trip in their Bucketlist. It’s easy to create a trip, add favourites to your trip, and then share this trip with others. Members use the Bucketlist for free and can arrange their own travels if they want.

How long does it take to plan a trip?

This always depends on the complexity of the trip. All trips are completely individualised to travelers. Travel designers and Kated take care of all the small details, so Kated members can focus on what they really want.

Can I adapt the featured itineraries on the site?

Yes. The featured itineraries are only provided as examples of trips you can do with Kated.

Who are travel designers? How are they experts?

Travel designers are local specialists who live or have lived in the destination. The best holidays require local knowhow, the kind you can only get from people living there, like local travel designers.

How do you choose the travel designers?

Only true experts can provide the requisite degree of excellence and specialism. Our criteria for travel designers is based upon geographic authority, industry reputation and recommendations, and maintaining 5* feedback for all trips.

Are Kated holidays suitable for children?

Yes, all Kated holidays are individualised to you and the people you travel with. Travel designers can tailor a trip to what you and your family wants.

Will I be joining a group?

No, all Kated holidays are private. You may be joining a group for a specific activity during your trip and you will be informed of this before you travel.

How is Kated different to planning with other travel agents and tour operators?

With Kated you plan trips directly with local travel designers, the same people who will operate your trip. There are no intermediaries. We believe the best trips require local knowledge, that’s why we connect you directly to local experts. And because it’s a Kated trip, you get 100% trip protection and 24-7 service, always.

Booking Travel

Can I book a single experience on your site?

Most experiences on Kated cannot be booked individually. The travel designers arranging these experiences are among the world’s leading travel professionals. It is not usually worth their time to arrange a single experience. Their expertise extends to booking complex trips with multiple experiences. However, some experiences can be booked individually. Note that some experiences are exclusive to Kated and cannot be booked on other sites.

Can I add one or more experiences to a trip I have already organised?

If you book a trip with Kated you can add experiences after you have made the booking. Trips can be customised right up until your departure date. If you have booked a none-Kated trip and want to add an experience, see the question above.

Do I pay for your service? (i.e. how do you make money!)

Kated takes a small percentage from the travel designer for every trip. The price you see on your itinerary is the final price you will pay.

Do you book my international flights as well?

No. We do not book international flights. Unfortunately we cannot get better rates than those offered by the airlines and Kated members are generally comfortable in finding and booking their own flights.

How much deposit do I pay to secure a trip?

Kated members pay a 15% deposit to secure a trip.

When do I need to pay the balance of my trip?

The balance for a trip is usually due 30 days before the date of departure. For trips departing within 30 days the balance is usually due upon booking, although this may be flexible dependent on the trip.

How can I pay for my trip?

Kated members can pay for a trip using any Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card via a secure link. This secure link is provided upon booking. We use standardised SSL protocol to keep your payments secure.

Is it cheaper to book every part of my holiday on my own?

Maybe. It will depend on the trip. In general, local travel designers can get the best rates as they are based locally. This includes hotels and activities. For some trips it maybe cheaper to book on your own. Do note that only trips booked via Kated will get Kated’s 100% trip protection and 24-7 service.

Does Kated charge a fee?

No. Kated does not charge a fee to travelers. Membership to Kated is currently free.

What are the booking terms and conditions?

Before paying for a trip you will need to agree to Kated’s standard booking conditions. You will be sent a personalised booking form that includes all the trip inclusions.

What happens after I have booked? 

You will be sent a confirmed trip itinerary and invoice. You will also have the contact details of your travel designer and a personal contact at Kated for 24-7 support.

What is Kated doing about sustainable travel?

At Kated we strongly believe in a sustainable future for travel, based on supporting by papertyper local economies and smaller independent operators. We believe travel will be more sustainable when more of your travel money stays in the destination.

Can you help with my visa?

Either Kated or your travel designer will advise you on visa arrangements. Some travel designers can help with visas but not all.

Can you help with my travel insurance?

Currently we cannot help with your travel insurance.

Trip Protection & Trip Changes

How is my trip protected?

Your trip is fully protected and you will complete a booking with a UK-registered travel company.

Your trip money is held in a trust account until the completion of your trip. This means your trip money is not delivered to Kated or anybody else until you have returned home and are happy with everything. This means you can get your money back immediately if your trip is cancelled.

Is my holiday ATOL protected?

No. ATOL protection only applies to trips that include international flights.

How is Kated’s trip protection different to other travel agents and tour operators?

Local is better in travel. But booking with a local travel agent or operator does not usually give you any trip protection. Kated helps you travel different because you can plan travels directly with local travel suppliers, but book with a UK travel company for full trip protection.

Booking with Kated gives you the full protection afforded by the Package Travel Regulations. Kated’s trip protection also includes the Kated Quality Assurance and we offer a money-back guarantee covering the first $10,000 of your booking.

Can I cancel my trip?

Yes you can cancel a trip. Cancellation fees vary dependent on the trip and when you cancel. These cancellation fees will be clearly explained in your booking conditions and itinerary, before you make a booking.

Can I postpone my trip?

Yes. In almost all cases you can postpone a trip to a later date. Kated will never charge an administration fee for changing the dates of your trip. However, do note that some elements of your trip may go up or down in price at different dates. For example if you move your trip to Christmas it is likely to be more expensive, whereas a trip in low season is likely to be cheaper. Kated will pass on any price reductions to you and will always explain any additional costs before you change your dates.

What options are available if I can’t travel due to Covid-19?

If you cannot travel due to Covid-19 travel restrictions you can postpone your trip to a later date. In some cases you will also be eligible for a refund should you wish to cancel your trip. Travel designers and Kated are very flexible about postponements and will work with you to ensure you can enjoy the trip you want.

Can I add experiences to my trip after I have made a booking?


Can I change part or all of my trip after making a booking?

Most trips can be customised right up until the date of departure. It is usually okay to add new elements to your trip. However, cancelling any part of your trip can attract cancellation fees. Kated always aims to be flexible and help you get the trip you want, even when this involves making last-minute changes.

Who do I contact if there is an emergency?

You will have at least two personal contacts during your trip. One at Kated and the direct contact of your travel designer. Your travel designer may also give you local contacts for your trip.

Post Travel

I’ve just got home. How can I send you feedback?

You can feedback to us at any time by mailing [email protected] We’ll also send you a feedback request by email.

Will I get the same travel designer for my next trip?

Probably not. Travel designers are local specialists. So you will get the same travel designer if your next trip is to the same destination. But if your traveling somewhere else we’ll connect you with another outstanding travel designer.

How can I stay in touch? 

There are many ways to contact us. You can also email [email protected], connect with us on Facebook or Instagram (#katedexperience).

I took some epic photos – by papertyper can I share them with you?

Yes, absolutely. We’d love to see your photos and discover more about your trip. Feel free to tag us in any social posts (#katedexperience).