World's Greatest Hot Air Balloon Flights

It’s serene and almost silent from the air. You glide smoothly over phenomenal landscapes, usually on the early morning breeze. Hot air balloon flights reveal the true scale and wonder of your destination and there are so many incredible options around the world. Discover these 20+ experiences for your travel bucketlist and add favourites to your bucketlist by using the heart.

Angkor Scenic Flight


Only from the air can you truly appreciate the scale of ancient Angkor and the proud glory of this not to be forgotten civilisation. From a hot air balloon you soar serenely, above famous temples and sprawling rice paddies, across thick forest and out to Angkor’s remote and often unseen outposts. In a helicopter you can fly even further, see even more of Angkor, and touch down besides a jungle-shrouded temple. The hot air balloon is wonderful at dawn or dusk, while the helicopter is an ideal way to see more of Angkor if you’re short on time - do it during the day.

Balloon Flight Over Blyde River Canyon

South Africa

Drift silently over the South African veld with just a balloon pilot for company, as the sun rises over another magnificent day in Africa. The expansive panoramas of the Blyde River Canyon’s staggered series of verdant yet precipitous cliffs meld into the grasslands of Kruger National Park, against a backdrop of the Drakensberg Mountains.

Glimpse giraffe feeding in the early morning light, vervet monkeys crashing from tree to tree, and hippos taking full advantage of what the early Dutch settlers to the region named the ‘happy river’.

Balloon Flight Over Cappadocia


The air is full of promise as you wait in anticipation. Settled comfortably in your own private basket, the inflated balloon looms overhead, a curve of colour against the sky above. A moment later, and you feel yourself gently lift off the ground.You float effortlessly, rising higher towards a layer of clouds, white and puffy and all too inviting. The sky stretches before you, as the sun starts to rise. The world below feels infinite and far away.You drift through a scene from a dream, soaring over Cappadocia’s famed fairy chimneys. The landscape views do not disappoint, dotted with tranquil valleys and fellow flyers. Sparkling champagne and a bountiful buffet breakfast wait for you upon your descent.

Balloon Ride Over Tuscany


Fly over the legendary Chianti landscape, with its hilltop medieval towns, castles, vineyards, and woods. Looking down from your balloon, the olive groves' shades of silver and green appear as a veil over the silent rolling hills. In the distance you can see Florence, with the majestic Apennine range in the background. To the west, San Gimignano, Certaldo, and Volterra and the sea in the far distance, to the south, Siena and Monte Amiata.Upon descending back to earth from your aerial tour, you will enjoy a breakfast of tasty local products, made perfect by a glass of champagne.

Barossa Valley Hot Air Balloon Flight


They say it’s never too early for a little tipple. Here’s an experience to excite any adventurer. Combine a passion for heights, a love of gourmet delights and no objection to a bit of bubbly with breakfast. Ascend on an early morning hot air balloon flight over Barossa Valley. Words do little justice to describe the warm oranges, yellows and reds of a sunrise, which radiates and invigorates all that look upon it. After spending more than a few memorable moments looking down on the valleys of vineyards below, you’ll come in to land.  You’ll then feast upon a mouthwatering meal of locally sourced meats, vegetables and bread. Wash them all down with your well-earned glass of chilled sparkling wine, while you survey the lush vines and sunburnt landscape some more.

Hot Air Balloon Above Bagan


Bagan is like a kaleidoscope from a hot air balloon. Ruby as the sun pierces the horizon. Deep ochre to vibrant orange as sandstone emerges from the shadows. Colours of cinnamon and yellow as morning firmly arrives. A hot air balloon above Bagan is perhaps Myanmar’s most iconic experience, an insight into the archaeological site’s scale and surreal splendor. You will soar above hundreds of temples and pagodas. They aren’t museum pieces but living places of worship. From the air you watch bare-footed monks crossing the plains, along with the Irrawaddy River meandering onward.While this is a famous thing to do, it is an extraordinary travel moment. Even now, few people make it to this remarkable place.

Hot Air Balloon Above Colombia’s Coffee Triangle


As the morning sun’s golden glow settles over the lush rolling hills of Colombia’s coffee region, you’ll be floating high above in a hot air balloon. The breathtaking view over the coffee plantations will make the early rise worthwhile.  Over the 45-minute flight, you’ll gather an incredible picture of the far-reaching manicured coffee plants, especially how they form a unique pattern over the curves of the undulating terrain. It’s a dreamlike morning in Colombia’s coffee triangle, completed with a bean to cup coffee brewing experience when you touch down.

Hot Air Balloon Above the Namib


Superlatives roll easily when discussing the Namib. The world’s oldest desert, highest dunes, and largest expanse of shifting sands. Yet from the air these superlatives drift away. There is silence. There is just you and the desert. For two hours you float across the sand. Nothing but sand. Sand, sand, sand. Everywhere the same, every view completely different. After two hours you understand that this place can’t be tamed. You can’t say you did the Namib. You know that nature did you. Up, up, and away. You will fly in the early morning and watch how the sun rises over the dunes. Floating on the wind you will find peace with the great world below you, serenity amid the silence of this endless place.

Hot Air Balloon Above the Serengeti Grasslands


From a hot air balloon the famous grasslands begin to make sense. You have the ultimate view over migrating herds and can make out the grazing patterns of wildebeest and zebra. You can also track elephants and giraffe as they roam the open plains. It starts at dawn, the balloon filling with the air as sunrise marks the horizon. Fabulous colours illuminate the grasslands and you drift on the wind, savouring the most famous of all Africa’s hot air balloon flights.Touch down to a Champagne breakfast and you will have another perspective. All those animals you witnessed from on high, you will now start to track on a morning game drive.

Hot Air Balloon Flight Above Dubai

UAE (Dubai + More)

Standing in a basket attached to a giant balloon, the burst of fire startles you. The mist across the desert begins to disperse and you’re blissfully awakened by the breaking blush sky. From the sky the desert looks like something else. The sun pops over the horizon and you’re basking in simmering sunlight. Floating across the Emirates you can truly appreciate the vast Arabian Desert, as you’re peering over sandy structures. After a romantic morning flight, you are swept off your feet once again by jumping into a four-wheel drive. Thrash through the desert to Dubai’s Conservation Reserve and indulge in a private gourmet alfresco breakfast.

Hot Air Balloon Over the Canterbury Plains

New Zealand

A laid-back activity at altitude for all four seasons, floating high into the sky by balloon offers a more organic way to survey the Canterbury surroundings. You’ll set off from Christchurch and climb higher as you reach the gorgeous Canterbury Plains. The variety of views that can be enjoyed will depend largely on the season in which you choose to fly. Either snowy white settings with frosty clear skies in winter, or orange and pink blended sunrises. The added luxury of being outdoors means you can be closer to the landscapes, feel the stiff breeze on your skin, and smell the freshness of the cloud-filled air as you float on by. You’ll be rewarded with a glass of Champagne when you touch back down to the ground.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Marrakech


Butterflies of the best kind invade your stomach, as you climb your way into the basket. The sound of the burner is abrupt, but it excites you anyway. The balloon inflates itself all the way, and the basket effortlessly lifts off the ground.You rise, higher and higher. It doesn’t take long before the earth and all its creatures become miniature, before disappearing completely. Submerged in white fluff, you emerge over a sea of clouds.Drifting peacefully, suddenly the sun breaks through, and all around you there is light. You watch it rise in silence, floating over a layer of puffy candy floss. Against the backdrop of the majestic Atlas Mountains, the sky is yours this morning.

Maasai Mara Hot Air Balloon Flight


The sun rising over the savannah. Your balloon slowly inflates before lifting into the air. Now is the chance to gaze down on the famed wildlife of the Maasai Mara from above.Ride the early morning thermals. Silently drift across endless grasslands. Admire the movement of wildebeest herds and gaze upon roving elephants. Descend to enjoy a hearty champagne breakfast surrounded by nothing but wildlife and gently rolling plains.

Magaliesberg Canopy & Hot Air Balloon Tour

South Africa

Eleven raised platforms hanging from the cliff face, some rising 60 metres above the ground. Ten zigzagging ziplines winding through Ysterhout Kloof canyon. The longest is an incredible 140 metres.Soar over the rugged terrain from bare cliff edges, within touching distance of the forested valley floor. Enter the realm of black eagles, scuttling lizards, and playful dassies. Delight in the liberation of ziplining while racing from magical vista to magical vista.And if you want to take this moment even further, get even higher with a hot air balloon flight.

Meteora Hot Air Balloon Flight


Float over Meteora and enjoy Greece’s most iconic aerial experience. A surreal landscape of rock and rock-cut monasteries, Meteora rightly takes its place at the top of many travel bucketlists. Ascend at sunrise in a private hot air balloon and watch this strange world unfold.

Saint Emilion Hot Air Balloon Ride


As you float away in the early morning light the mist will disperse, uncovering the landscape below. This is a ride you will want to set the alarm for. Enjoying a gourmet breakfast as the rising sun glistens on the Dordogne River and you admire seemingly endless vineyards dotted with woods and chateaux.When your ride ends you will descend into that landscape, to discover a wine estate. The owner will show you her manor and tell you of its history. She will take you around her vineyards, explain her winemaking process, and introduce you to her best wines.

San Miguel Hot Air Balloon & Tequila Tasting


The incredible architecture and winding cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende are best enjoyed from above. Fly over this city of singular character in a private hot-air balloon.When the roar of the burner quiets, the sounds of the city come to your attention. Look down on the historic city center and striking pink spires of Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel. Listen as your guide identifies landmarks and offers a brief history of the city.Back on solid ground, visit the 17th-century building that houses Casa Dragones, one of the world’s most revered tequila brands. Enjoy a private presentation about Mexico’s favorite spirit before sampling the host’s small-batch tequila.

Scenic Hot Air Balloon Ride from Albuquerque


The sky’s the limit and what better way to take advantage than a high-altitude hot-air balloon ride. Glide over sprawling landscapes of Sandia Mountains, skim the Rio Grande Valley or wake up with the Chocolate Hills, as the wind’s direction determines your route for the morning.The weather is sweet at the launch site. Fascinated by the crew inflating your aircraft, you help blow up the balloon for a more hands-on experience. Buzzing for the flight, you climb into the basket and realise the balloon is much bigger than you expected. Soaring through the air with panoramic views basking in the morning sunlight, you celebrate an unforgettable flight with Champagne.

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Luxor


In the cold darkness you see the enormous balloons filling up and glowing, lit up from inside. Now, swing yourself in.And slowly, you will rise. There’s silence all around. Gradually, the air fills with essential daylight, colourless and clean. You see the Nile below, and the green fields, and the vast desert in the distance. Then, a spark lights up above the horizon. It’s Ra, the sun-god, rising and flooding the Valley of the Kings with soft rose-gold light.There’s no better vista in Egypt, soaring over the Sahara, along the West Bank of the River Nile, above the Valley of the Kings.

Sunset Air Balloon Over Ubud


Heed the call of Balinese adventure and go on a whimsical journey up into the air. Get onboard a giant hot air balloon, the first of its kind in Bali, and float amongst the clouds. Take in the spectacular vista of majestic Ubud and beyond, and watch as the sky turns from blue to pink during the magical hour of sunset. Bali’s landscapes are magical and this sunset flight will immerse you in its colour changes.