Go Sightseeing at World Heritage Sites With These 30+ Experiences

Discover World Heritage Sites from a very intimate perspective with these 30+ ideas for your travel bucketlist. It’s not just sightseeing, but living and experiencing some of the greatest historical places on our planet. Add these ideas to your bucketlist by using the heart.

Abu Dhabi City Sightseeing Tour

UAE (Dubai + More)

The UAE’s opulent capital merges rich ancient heritage with modern-day life, in a surrounding sand-scape. With the coast fringed by mangroves and the city soaring with superstructures, Abu Dhabi reveals its lost Arabian world. You’ll discover majestic landmarks and fascinating cultural sights. From presidential palaces to ancient mosques, intricate architectural elements decorate the sandpit. You have the opportunity to step inside the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This white pearl is filled with marble and gold, and will leave you in complete awe. Uncover Abu Dhabi’s gems by cruising in style like a true Sheikh. If you’re traveling from Dubai, a supercar will be your mode of transport.

After the Earthquake Kathmandu Cultural Tour


A 2015 earthquake devastated much of Nepal, including huge sections of Kathmandu. Explore the city’s unique culture and discover how it’s recovering from a disaster that leveled buildings and left nearly 9,000 people dead.Marvel over centuries of history encapsulated in Kathmandu Durbar Square, the ancient home of Malla kings. Visit the temple of a living goddess, the Kumari. Selected according to strict criteria, the Kumari goddess is a prepubescent girl worshipped as a divine figure. Wander Old Freak Street, once a 1960’s hippie enclave.Along the way, your guide will highlight how the sites were impacted by the earthquake, and how its aftershocks can still be felt in the city’s economic and cultural life.

Alesund and Mount Aksla Private Tour


Explore Ålesund and its islands in the company of your local guide.First, take the underwater tunnels to Giske and Godøy islands. Here you will discover a 12th-century Norman church, stroll through the fishing village of Alnes, and visit a 19th-century lighthouse that is still in operation.In Alesund, you will travel back in time at an open-air museum. The Viking ships are not to be missed. Your guide will then take you to Mount Aksla, to admire the view over the city and the islands. Your discovery of Alesund will end with a tour through the art nouveau houses of the city centre.

Ankara City Tour


Sat at the crossroads of civilisation, the old magic of Ankara calls you in. Enter the vibrant streets of the Turkish capital, and let the city’s ambiance take you on a journey through time. This is a private tour drawing you deep into the heartland of this proud nation.Start at the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, and uncover the fascinating history of this constantly evolving land. Unearth endearing anecdotes from your local guide, as he leads you through Ankara’s many treasures.Discover the lively culture of this thriving cosmopolis, as you stumble upon enchanting architecture and ancient monuments, including the spectacular Anitkabir. Dedicated to the famed Ataturk himself, this vast hilltop Mausoleum emits so many stories.

Antananarivo City Tour


Every trip to Madagascar involves Antananarivo, the key transport hub. And everyone who simply stops over misses out on a fascinating place.With a private guide you will explore the city’s vibrant centre, including the King’s Palace and Lemur Park. There’s the Queen’s Palace and opportunity to sample authentic Madagascan cuisine.At times you will find a busy city, packed with colour and noise. Yet your guide is an expert and knows how to show authenticity, without making the day too long or intense.

Arashiyama Sightseeing Tour in Kyoto


Be spirited away to spellbinding Arashiyama, a folkloric district just outside of Kyoto. Begin at the prolific Tenryuji Temple. Then stroll through a malachite green bamboo grove, which will instantly transport you to another world. There are other adventures to be had. Look for a temple hidden in the hills, and marvel at the myriad of rakkan statues being housed in the remote sanctuary. Slow down your pace as you arrive at the thousand-year-old Togetsukyo Bridge. Drink in the painterly view while standing on this famous “moon crossing bridge”. Afterward, if you are in the mood, why not cruise down the poetic river on a private boat ride?

Art of Botero Walking Tour through Medellin


Explore the city of Medellin through the eyes of one of Colombia’s best-known artists, Fernando Botero. As you walk through the city with an expert guide, you’ll discover the life and works of this incredibly distinctive artist and sculptor.You’ll visit the Museum of Antioquia where more than 100 of Botero’s paintings are on display and the Plaza de las Esculturas which is home to over 20 of his statues. You’ll come to recognise Botero’s signature style of exaggerated and inflated figures, as well as his political criticisms and humour through his art. It’s a purposeful walking tour of an interesting city, complete with local resident Botero’s artistic flair.

Athens History Tour


If Greece were the cradle of civilization, then Athens is its epicenter. In the company of one of the city’s best guides, walk through archeological sites built by great emperors. Imagine the past come to life. Unravel the captivating Greek mythology as you visit temples dedicated to the omnipotent gods and goddesses.Stroll across the Acropolis. This crown jewel is perched atop a rocky hill, watching over the sprawling city throughout the ages. Spend time in the Acropolis Museum to view an extensive collection dating back to antiquity. This is the quintessence of Athens, cloaked in millennia-old resplendence, and you will delve deep into its layered history.

Avignon Old City Tour


A massive bridge that leads nowhere. A palace where seven popes lived. And those imposing medieval city walls.Your guide will tell you about Avignon as you wander in and out of the rampart doors and posterns. You will learn why this city was the seat of the papacy for seventy years, and how it only became part of France two centuries ago.Go explore the cathedral, the bridge, the Palace of the Popes. This is the largest gothic building extant, and you will marvel at colorful medieval frescoes in its two chapels.

Bangkok by Longtail Boat


Bangkok is hard to avoid, wherever you are going in Thailand or wider Southeast Asia. The city’s streets and attractions can be overwhelming - so many people, so much colour, so much going on everywhere you look.But in a longtail boat Bangkok is far easier to manage. Cruise effortlessly down the Chao Phraya River, alongside temples and skyscrapers, then out into a maze of canals. Soon you’re cruising among traditional stilt houses and rice paddies, then onwards to floating markets and tiny villages. This is a wonderful travel moment for a Bangkok layover, great with your loved ones, and an alternative angle on the big city.

Behind the Scenes of Pisa


Is there more to Pisa than the famous leaning tower? You will find out on this expertly guided tour that goes behind the scenes. Some believe that everything about Pisa is wonderful except the tower. But those who believe this know the inside tricks and secrets. For you can take a photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or you can come and discover a medieval city that will open its heart to those who look a little further. But let’s not kid too much, that leaning tower is fantastic, when you know how to see it without the crowds.

Belfast City Tour


Belfast is a confluence of the nation’s religious, political, and cultural heritage. Its history spans several hundred years, and was recently darkened (and brightened in some aspects) by the Troubles. Experience this vibrant and rebounding city on a private tour.Traveling in an iconic black cab, your private guide will provide history and insights regarding the sites that interest you most.See history writ large in murals commemorating the city’s violent clashes of the late 20th century, events also attested to by the notorious Peaceline and Crumlin Jail. You’ll see both sides of the wall. On one side a mural celebrates a hero. Less than a kilometre away the same “hero” is reviled as a terrorist. Continue to the shipyard where the Titanic was built and retreat to another opulent relic that has fared better. Crown Liquor Saloon is a fine pub with fantastic decoration, a good place to recall a beguiling city.

Bergen World Heritage City Tour


Stroll along the seafront at Bryggen, admiring the colourful buildings that have stood here for centuries, hearing stories about the merchants who ruled this place.Then head to the fish market, which has been there for 800 years. Talk about tradition. Try excellent seafood in the restaurants. In the aquarium, you will come close to sea lions and penguins. And if you would like to see the city from above, there’s the funicular to Mount Fløyen. Just tell your guide what interests you, and he will tailor this tour accordingly.

Best of Banff Tour


The postcard-perfect town of Banff is located inside a national park. The town’s fabulous natural highlights are easy to explore and a local guide will show you the way. See the Bow River’s wild side at Bow Falls before taking a ride on the Sulphur Mountain Gondola. From the summit, enjoy the stunning panoramic view of many of the park’s world-famous peaks and lakes.Afterward, soak in the comfort and history of Banff Upper Hot Springs, a naturally heated outdoor pool which—of course—features mountain views, before heading into town for a bite at one of many great restaurants. If you feel adventurous, considering roaming onto Mt. Cascade, that towers over Banff Avenue.

Best of Blue City Historian Walking Tour


The historical Blue City of Jodhpur stands out from the Rajasthan desert plains, as a labyrinth of blue washed buildings with a magnificent palace and fort. Lose yourself amongst the narrow laneways filled with incredibly picturesque wooden doors and strikes of blue around each corner. From the imposing Mehrangarh Fort above the city to the breathtakingly beautiful Jaswant Thada memorial, you will appreciate the diverse and meaningful history of this desert metropolis.

Best of Ulaanbaatar Tour


The capital city is very different to the rest of Mongolia. Explore its eclectic treasures on a flexible city tour. Your guide will craft a route based on your interests. There's the spirituality found in Choijin Lama Temple, the sense of history at the massive Genghis Khan statue outside the city, and evocative tales to read at the National Museum. The State Department Store is an ideal place to finish a Mongolia trip and pick up all manner of souvenirs.

Bhutan Introduction in Paro


Touch down in Bhutan and you immediately feel the sense of remoteness. Himalayan peaks provide a majestic backdrop to the formality of local Bhutanese dress. You’ll immediately notice men and women wearing elegant traditional wear on their journeys to the dzongs – the monastic and political centerpieces of local life. Monasteries and temples dot a bucolic valley around Paro, each a memoir to everyday life. Paro’s lanes have an ascetic simplicity, shunning the excesses of commercialism. You’ll spend a full day exploring the area with a guide, both the old city of Paro and its surrounding valley, where the country’s second oldest temple helps introduce the country’s various legends.

Bike Tour Around Singapore With A Local


With a true blue local to show you around, pedal your way across Singapore and get acquainted with the amazing attractions and interesting sites.This private bike tour will be customized with your preferences in mind. You can cycle along the scenic river lined with towering skyscrapers, or zip through the historical quarters studded with storied sites. Wander off the beaten path to see an authentic side of Singapore. Listen to the stories passed down from the older generations. Check out where the locals hang out, and sample some Singaporean delights. Take your time to discover how the old and the new come together in this country of contrast.

Bogota History Tour


You’ll be surprised by vibrant colours as you wander the cobblestone back streets of Bogota’s La Candaleria district. Here, vivid colonial architecture intertwined with imaginative street art make for an intoxicating labyrinth of laneways. With a private guide, you’ll delve beyond the bright exteriors and visit some of the neighbourhood’s most historic landmarks. From the intricate interior of the Church of Santa Clara and the imposing Bolivar Square flanked with important political buildings, the historic colonial-era quarter is the true beating heart of the city.And there are many local secrets to discover when you go off the beaten path with your local guide.

Buenos Aires Culture and History Tour


Aromas of coffee and indulgence lace the streets of Palermo. Grand parks and glorious townhouses dominate Recoleta. Street murals narrate history and a cemetery speaks of Argentina’s unspeakable past. Then in La Boca the atmosphere changes once more, a vibrancy to life unmistakable at every turn. Buenos Aires is a city of grand designs and evocative stories. Each barrio (neighbourhood) is different and this privately-guided culture and history tour will showcase why the Argentine capital is so special. It will be tailored to your interests and led by a porteno, so you can go behind the scenes of this intoxicating city, from past to present.

Cairo History Tour with Egyptologist


Explore millenia of Egyptian history as your historian guide leads you through the National Museum. You will admire Tutanhkamon’s gold mask, the animal statues that guarded his tomb, and a myriad other beautiful and mysterious objects from ages past.Then, the Islamic quarter. Pass through the massive, thousand-year-old towers of the Gate of Conquest, and discover mosques, schools, fortresses and caravanserais. Admire wooden “mashrabiyya” windows and painted tiles in a 17th-century museum-house, and buy local craft at the Khan El Khalili Bazaar. You will crown your day with a 5-star oriental dinner at Cairo’s best restaurant. With one day in Cairo an Egyptologist guide can show you more than the sights. You will travel through 4000 years of living history.

Canals of Amsterdam Boat Charter


Old Amsterdam is an amorous web of canals and cobbles, with five centuries of history dancing along the waterside. Bicycles whizz past, church bells chime, and grand architecture tells so many tales.But walking through Old Amsterdam is not always that pleasant, especially in summer. It’s too crowded. Travel the canals instead, not on a hideous hop-on hop-off boat tour, but a luxurious canal charter that will reveal the very best of Amsterdam in one day. Cruise narrow inner canals where tour boats cannot access. Explore the grand outer canals and disembark to see your selection of Amsterdam highlights. Dine on board and gain the perfect impression of this postcard-perfect city. This charter is also available during the Netherlands’ famous Kings Day celebrations and can take a large group of friends and family through the city.

Cannaregio and the Jewish Ghetto in Venice Tour


You will be a bit surprised at Cannaregio. Where are the tourists that infest St. Mark’s Square? You may see a few of them, but the lively Cannaregio is still a residential neighbourhood, and far less frequented than the popular Venetian sites.Here you will discover the Jewish neighbourhood. It’s a real hub of social, cultural and commercial exchange. You will wander in and out of five synagogues built between the early 16th and the 17th century, a Museum, a Jewish library and archive, a publishing house, and traditional handicraft shops. And that’s not to mention the several kosher food shops and restaurants…

Cape Town Walking Tour

South Africa

Cape Town’s long trading history has resulted in a melting pot of cultures and dramatic contrast in neighbourhoods, almost in spite of the country’s apartheid past.Here the muezzin’s call to prayer floats over colourful Bo-Kaap homes, intertwining with incense lazily drifting skyward from Hindu temples. Peels of bells from St George’s Cathedral set another soundtrack to thriving streets awash with art, and parkland bursting with life.Expect to be blown away by Cape Town’s diversity and beauty as you join an expert guide on a personalised tour of the city.

Cartagena World Heritage Walking Tour


Cartagena is known for its attractive architecture and picture-perfect street scenes. However, on this walking tour you’ll be able to peel back the charming façades and understand the fascinating colonial history of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Hear tales of rogue pirates and Spain’s violent colonisation of the Americas. Visit the iconic churches and the best sections of the 17th-century city walls. Bump into charismatic locals at local haunts. This historic walking tour will allow you to get underneath the skin of this enchanting city.

Choice New York City Tour


Where do you want to visit in New York? Your guide wants to know all about your New York wishes. Perhaps you want to discover the best sites of Manhattan’s East Side. Is it Soho that you are excited about? Tribeca? If instead you would like to hear some new ideas, just ask your guide. They will surprise you. Or perhaps you want to find some secret nook you have been to in the past...  Don’t worry if you don’t remember quite where it was: your guide is there for you, and will help you find it. After all, today is not about where everyone says you should go: it’s all about the places you really want to be.

Cinque Terre Boat Tour to Three Towns


Five incredible options. Three happy choices.Explore Riomaggiore’s 13th-century town centre, bustling with bars and restaurants. Taste Manarola’s a delicious sweet wine, and walk along its lively main street and waterfront promenade. Stand at a stunning panoramic viewpoint in Corniglia, where you can admire all five towns at once.Or else, wander on Vernazza’s steeply terraced vineyards and discover a charming hilltop sanctuary; and relax on Monterosso’s strip of sandy beach.There’s no way you can go wrong when deciding which three of the Cinque Terre you will visit.

Classic Hakone Sightseeing Tour


There is more to Hakone than onsens and resorts. From smokey mountains to serene lakes, its geological features lend a dreamlike quality to the city.Set off towards the first open-air museum in Japan, where masterpieces from world-class artists are put on display. Challenge yourself to walk through the Owakudani Valley, eclipsed in sulfuric mist and volcanic plumes. Don’t forget to take a bite of the famous black egg that is cooked in the natural hot spring.  For more adventures, sail across Lake Ashi on a fun themed ship that will evoke memories of childhood fun time!

Classic Kyoto Day Tour


Explore Kyoto with a private driver-guide to see the city’s highlights and hidden jewels.Immerse in a rich history spanning centuries as you visit an ancient castle, spiritual temples, and a famous local food market. Stroll down the tiny lanes of Gion, a storied district lined with traditional merchant stores and old wooden tea houses. End your day with gastronomic kaiseki fare at a former Michelin star restaurant, coupled with performances and games. With a geisha by your side, delve into the intoxicating art of entertainment, and share an honest conversation about the muti-facted Japanese culture.

Classic Tokyo Sightseeing Tour


Tokyo is the core of Japan, where the past, present, and future cross paths. Go on a private guided tour to experience the splendor of a traditional stroll garden built during the Meiji period. Then proceed to a museum that will transport you back to Japan in the Edo era. Witness a Buddhist fire ritual set in a prominent temple, before spending time in a local neighborhood to discover an old fashioned shopping street with a nostalgic vibe. As evening draws close, feel the pace of the city quicken at Akihabara, where electronics stores, maid cafes and manga bookshops coexist. To round up your day, head to the Tokyo Skytree for a 360-degree moonview that will stay eternally etched in your memory.

Cloister and Noble Palace Palermo Tour


If you love the Baroque, the Praetorian Fountain and the Cathedral of Palermo are waiting for you. If it’s the Byzantine style you favour, you will find exquisite joy in the Capella Palatina and the Martorana Church.Afterwards, your guide will take you on two exclusive discoveries. First, that of a religious site where you will admire a remarkably beautiful majolica cloister and climb to the rooftop for a sweeping 360° view of Palermo. Next, that of an 18th-century palace facing one of Palermo’s main squares.These are well-kept secrets in a town of wonders, revealed by your private guide.

Coimbra Walking Tour


As your expert guide walks you around Coimbra, all historic architectural styles will be present before you. You will go from the square romanesque purity of the Old Cathedral to the late Portuguese baroque of the University Tower. And you will breathe history. You will discover a Roman aqueduct. You will explore the oldest university in the Portuguese-speaking world. And in the Monastery of Santa Cruz, you will stop for a moment before a tomb. Crowned heads may lie uneasy, yet here there is nothing but peace about the grave of Afonso Henriques, Portugal’s first King. Coimbra is Portugal’s finest historical town and this private tour will reveal its secrets.

Corinth Day Tour


Corinth was a titan of the Classical world, renowned for its man-made wonders and archeological treasures.Embark on a road trip along the scenic Saronic Gulf. Arrive at the spectacular Corinth Canal, which marks the gateway to Peloponnese. Navigate your way towards the site of Ancient Corinth. Learn how the city’s fate was deeply entwined with Christianity. Stand in awe of the Doric temple of Apollo. Like pilgrims in the past, worship the Sun God. Continue your journey towards the city of Epidaurus, where you can stand in the middle of a Roman amphitheater and test its amazing acoustics.

Cultural Walk in Stone Town, Zanzibar


Aromas echo down labyrinthine streets. Seafood sizzling on an outdoor grill, coffee and meat from a small cafe, plus sultry scents escaping from the Spice Market. Sounds mingle here as well, the Islamic call to prayer just one piece of the religious harmony. It’s so much fun to get lost here, amid the thousands of houses constructed from coral. You’ll pass trinket stores and exotic facades, plus atmospheric markets and places of mystery. Stone Town is the most enigmatic and exotic old town anywhere in Africa. You need a guide to understand its secrets and this cultural walk will reveal how Stone Town really is, from a local perspective.

Culture Walk in Kolkata


Kolkata is a city of contrasts and a convergence of cultures. It is quintessential India and yet, simultaneously, unique and invigorating. As you walk through this urban sprawl, from its main shopping thoroughfares to bustling back streets, don’t be too overwhelmed with trying to take everything in. The real joy of exploring this city is just to observe and be amongst the hustle.Try and imagine this huge city as a once sleepy village that was dramatically turned into the all-powerful centre of British India. Your guide will be able to share how the area and Bengali culture has transformed since this turbulent time.

Cusco Sightseeing Tour with Local Guide


Standing upon the lower slopes of the Urubamba Valley, that enclose the centuries-old city of Cusco, affords incredible views. The expanse of the terracotta rooftops is a sight to behold. On this private tour, you will delve deeper into the cobblestone streets to discover the old city’s enchanting atmosphere. Your local guide will take you to the main important sights, from the Plaza de Armas with its imposing 16th century cathedral to Koricancha, the Inca’s most important temple. The Gothic Renaissance architecture from the colonial era and the underlying ancient history within Cusco will leave you completely captivated.

Cycle Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco


Happily and energetically, you pedal behind your trusty guide. She leads you along the San Francisco waterfront and over Golden Gate Bridge.Your ride will bring you all the way to Sausalito, where you will take fantastic photos at Vista Point.Then you head back into San Francisco to explore different neighbourhoods and streets.

Day Trip to Braga and Guimaraes from Porto


Discover Portugal’s past with this guided tour of two iconic historical cities.Guimarães is the country’s birthplace. Your guide will tell you how, nearly a thousand years ago, this region separated from another state and became the kingdom of Portugal. While exploring Guimarães, you will be particularly impressed by the medieval castle, built to defend the city against Normans and Moors.Now ask your guide about Braga. You will discover a tale of shifting fortunes. But each period of prosperity added something to the city. And iaf you love the baroque, you will find your heart’s delight here.

Day Trip to Figueres and Girona from Barcelona


If you like Dalí, Figueres is the place for you. At the Dalí Museum-Theater you will discover a collection of works covering all the different stages of his career. The museum itself is a surreal building — and Dalí’s final resting place.From there, your guide will take you to Girona. Here, you will roam the narrow, winding cobblestone streets of the Jewish Quarter. You will marvel at the majestic Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral. Cross the eleven bridges over the Onyar, visit the Arab Baths, and fall in love with the Romanesque purity of Sant Pere de Galligants.

Day Trip to Getaria and Zarautz


Some places really seem to have it all. Rocky wooded hills come down to the ocean, forming bays, promontories, cliffs, peninsulas. Your guide will first introduce you to Getaria’s old town. Think stone medieval houses and a marvellous gothic church. Plus fishing boats rocking on the waves of the Cantabric sea. An adventurous road will take you uphill to a lighthouse.In nearby Zarautz, you will find medieval churches and towers, a palace-fortress and that irresistible fishing town charm. Wander the streets, exploring. Then go down to the long, wide sandy beach. And savour remote Basque country.

Day Trip to Ribeira Sacra


Wander off into the wilds of Galizia, to discover human and natural treasures hidden in the mountains.Your guide will introduce you to Parador de Santo Estevo. Now a hotel, it was once a monastery, and its three cloisters represent three different architectural styles: Baroque, Gothic, Romanesque. You will also discover Monforte de Lemos, a town where each building has a story to tell, from Roman times to Celts, Moors and Jews.Terraced vineyards, ancient forests, hidden stone hermitages, deep canyons — in this private day trip, you can discover the beauty of remote Galicia province. .

Denpasar City Tour


Your explorations of Denpasar begin at the revered Puputan Square. Tucked away in the centre of the city, this leafy plaza is home to a giant three-figured statue, posing bravely in eternal bronze.Discover the tragic tale behind this site, as your guide shares the story of Balinese resistance that occurred here. Gain further insight at Bali Museum, with its immersive display of ancient artefacts and impressive traditional courtyards.Stumble upon the Chinese gold traders of Jalan Hasanuddin next. Stroll through Pasar Badung, the capital’s central produce market. Cross Badung River and browse beside the locals, at the adjacent market of Kumbasari. Complete this raw retail experience at Jalan Sulawesi, where jolly merchants welcome you and colourful stalls await.

Dubai City Sightseeing Tour

UAE (Dubai + More)

Transformed from desert outpost to soaring supercity, Dubai’s contrast is at a cultural crossroads. With Arabian architecture mixed with mind-blowing superstructures, the city is developing rapidly without trying to lose sight of its Bedouin heritage. Travel back in time and explore cultural highlights that are brought to life by your personal storyteller guide. Appreciate the wind towers in Bastakia and the creek, an influential element in Dubai's growth. There’s nothing quite like exploring this city on foot. Fast forward a few decades and admire the megacity for what it has become. You have the opportunity to visit the Burj Khalifa, Burj Alarab, and Jumeirah Palm, and to add a layer of luxury by upgrading your tour by supercar.

Dublin Walking Tour with a Local


Dublin is a colorful city with a complex history. And Dubliners love a good yarn (story). This is a capital where stories whisper from the walls. See these stories come to life on a walking tour guided by a knowledgeable local.Stroll across the green lawns of Trinity College, where prominent Irish thinkers once pored over their studies. Move through the cool gardens of Dublin Castle, a British stronghold erected in 1204.Follow the history of the country's long struggle for independence, punctuated by bullet holes on O’Connell Street. Hear your footfalls ring on cobblestone and follow your nose into a fine pub in the Temple Bar area for a pint of Guinness and a plate of fish and chips.

Explore Havana in Vintage Car


It looks straight out of an old movie, this large, sleek convertible. Which makes sense. Ever since the 1961 trade embargo, no new American models came into Cuba. So, Havana became an open-air museum of vintage cars. Not just American models, but old-timer Soviet vehicles as well. Hop in. And welcome into the 1950s. You can choose where to go. Your driver is an expert guide and will plan a route to your interest. You will explore Old Havana, ride under the trees all along El Prado promenade, pass before the imposing Great Theatre. And stop wherever you want to take photos.

Explore Kyoto in a Kimono


Dress up in traditional kimono, and take your time to meander through the ancient quarters of Kyoto with a local guide. Pass by centuries-old teahouses and beautifully preserved buildings. Pause along scenic rivers, with a paper umbrella in your hand. Offer sincere prayers at shrines, explore alleys forgotten by time, and feel like a local for a day. Relish in the tales of Kyoto’s glorious past, on this charmingly nostalgic excursion.

Family Tour of Toronto


Toronto is a vibrant, truly global city. See it’s highlights on this family-friendly whirlwind tour.Begin with a VIP tour of the African Lion Safari. Enter the park before anybody else and watch the lions eat breakfast. Then experience the safari in an open-top truck, getting closer to giraffes and rhinos than you ever thought possible in Canada.Afterward, return to downtown Toronto for a tour tailored to your preferences. Peruse art in the bohemian shops of Kensington Market, walk the storied streets of Distillery District, or stuff yourself in Little Italy.By the end of the day, you’ll have a real sense of the character of Canada’s largest city.

Ferry and Guided Visit to Alcatraz Island


Enjoy the beautiful view of the Bay and the city during a ferry ride to Alcatraz. The former island-prison looks forbidding from a distance — that may be just the reason there is such a sense of adventure when exploring the place. And who knows? A visit to Alcatraz may spark a riveting family conversation about society, justice and the value of freedom. Or you may discover beyond the prison and the open spaces this island still preserves.

Florence and Uffizi Highlights Tour


This is the day to make your art-loving heart glad. Begin by the Duomo. A gothic design and interior, a neo-gothic façade and a Renaissance dome (the largest brick dome ever built.) Then, Giotto’s bell tower, lovely in its colored marble patterns. From there you will stroll on to Piazza della Signoria, to admire many different sculptural and architectural styles in the statues and buildings.At the Uffizi Gallery, your guide will introduce you to the most prestigious collection of Renaissance paintings in the world. And your tour will end on the Ponte Vecchio — the iconic medieval bridge spanning the Arno River.There’s no dearth of things to marvel at in Florence.

Florence Bike Ride


An expert guide takes you along, showing you the great monuments of Florence and telling you their stories.You admire the immense cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, with its famous dome by Brunelleschi (and maybe you think of Richard Madden as Cosimo in Medici…). Then you pedal on to Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio, once the seat of Florence’s powerful government.From there, go towards the Arno. You will cross the iconic Ponte Vecchio, and learn how this 14th-century bridge withstood even the German attacks during the Second World War.

Footsteps of Napoleon Walking Tour


Stand before the Église St-Roch and listen to your guide. In your mind’s eye, you will see a 26-year old republican general, impassibly firing his cannons at an army of rebels.This is Napoleon Bonaparte on October 5, 1795. The day that marks the beginning of his rise to power. Your guide is a historian and a storyteller, whose passion is the life and times of this fascinating man. From the Tuileries Palace where the Emperor lived, to the Invalides Museum where his remains are, he will bring to life Napoleon’s tragically glorious career.

Funchal Walking Tour


Follow your local guide through the cobblestone streets of Funchal old town. Buildings are in simple Portuguese style, but painted in vibrant colours rather than white.In the bustle of the open market you will discover local products. In the gothic cathedral, remember to check the silver cross, a unique manueline jewel. And all along, your guide will tell you the stories of Funchal. How it was sacked by French corsairs, bombed by German submarines, and hosted an exiled emperor.Climb to the higher neighbourhoods for a sweeping view of the town and the ocean. And let the history of this place sink in.

Gardens by the Bay Private Tour


Set foot on the most iconic site of Singapore, the Gardens By The Bay. Kickstart your visit at the awe-inspiring Flower Dome, where stunning architecture meets nature. Get lost in a profusion of blooms and greenery set against a futuristic backdrop.  Discover the plants that hail from all around the world, housed within an innovative greenhouse. Travel from Kyoto to Amsterdam as you stroll past cherry blossom trees and arrive at colorful tulip fields, all narrated by your private guide. Finally, enter a spiraling vertical garden shrouded in mist. Boldly take a walk in the clouds. Welcome to the future.

Golden City Of Mycenae Tour


Mycenae was an ancient powerhouse, known as a city rich in gold. Set foot on this illustrious citadel, the fabled fortress of Agamemnon. See rolling hills and enthralling valleys ramble far into the distance, with no end in sight. Meander through the archeological site with a personal guide, and get lost in a world shaped by myths and historical facts. Cross the exalted Lion's Gate and look out for the Cyclopean Walls, which some said were built by the giant one-eyed Cyclops. Brace yourself as you enter the Treasury of Atreus, a tomb that used to hold mountains of treasures.

Guanajuato City Tour With Tequila Tasting


Guanajuato City sits in a narrow valley, so its architects and city planners had to get creative, constructing streets and alleyways too narrow for cars and directing roads underground. Explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site on a private tour with an expert guide.Tour the labyrinthine streets and open plazas, learning the city’s history. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city and experience the historic city center. Pop into churches, the Juarez Theatre, and colonial-era buildings.Afterward, sit down to a boozy dinner at the Andanza restaurant. Your guide will give you a crash course on the origins and production of tequila, before a three-course meal with fine tequila pairings.

Guatemala City Sightseeing Tour


Guatemala City is the nation’s capital and a microcosm of Guatemala at large. It is home to many secrets and an authenticity that will encourage you to challenge the city’s stereotypes. Expect to see big city glitz alongside third-world poverty—evidence of vast income disparity—as well as the hallmarks of an economic and cultural center.Your private guide will share her intimate knowledge of the metropolis. Travel by private vehicle to visit the National Palace, Cathedral of Guatemala City, National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology, as well as other sites within the Centro Historico. Afterward, browse the city’s colorful craft market and get a bite in one of many refined establishments.

Guided Tour of Fisherman’s Wharf and Chinatown


Explore Fisherman’s Wharf with a local guide and discover its secrets. Look out at the ocean while you are having a delicious seafood lunch at Pier 39 — or at the elegant, historical Ferry Building.Afterwards, let your guide take you to the gaily-coloured Chinatown, where red lanterns hang above the streets. Here you will enjoy the Oriental flavour of the largest Chinese community outside of Asia. Are there other sites you would like to discover? Just let your guide know. With a private tour it is all tailored to your interests.

Guided Tour of Perugia and Assisi


Perugia and Assisi on one private tour. The first is a splendid medieval town keeping tokens of even more ancient glories. You will see a gate, a well, and a chamber tomb, all built by the Etruscans. You will also marvel at a unique fountain, whereon the whole cosmological vision of medieval Christianity is represented. You will admire the castellated and many-windowed Palazzo dei Priori, and the city squares.Assisi is smaller and humbler. And it is fitting it should be so. Is it not then the cradle and sanctuary of Francis, the man who declared himself enamoured of Lady Poverty? So it is. And something of his presence still lingers there.

Guimaraes City Sightseeing Tour


Raise your eyes to the square embattled walls and towers of Guimarães castle. It was built to defend the region against Normans and Moors. From those battlements, eleven centuries look down on you.This is the birthplace of Portugal. Guimarães was the seat of the County of Portucale, which separated from Galiza nearly a thousand years ago, and became the Kingdom of Portugal. Walk side by side with a local expert through the historic centre. Houses, palaces, squares, churches, chapels...they all tell you their stories. And each story is a piece of Portuguese history.

Gujarati Culture Tour of Ahmedabad


Chew through the thick air and push your way around twisted maze-like laneways, and you start to appreciate why Ahmedabad is so special. Then as you notice the intricate facades and centuries-old mosques, amongst innovative, contemporary designs, its architecture will start to win you over.As India’s first UNESCO Urban World Heritage Site, the city’s history is certainly present. However, it’s perhaps the vibrant Gujarati culture that will really hold your attention. From fine restaurants and a pulsing street scene, the rich traditions blend with modern times, making this one of the most fascinating cultural experiences in the country.

Hanoi With a Fighter Pilot Guide


Hanoi’s story is best told by its people, over a bowl of pho, in their homes or on vibrant cafe terraces. The city is a living museum and its people are the information boards, incredibly open to sharing their views on past and present. Join the locals for sunrise tai chi at Hoan Kiem Lake, meet local traders and learn their culinary secrets, wander colonial and Soviet lanes with an exuberant local guide, and discuss the war with Vietnam’s most decorated fighter pilot, Mr. Hong My.Complex and captivating, this fighter pilot guide provides a surreal insight into the legends of a city and a country. From fragrant spices to helicopters and tales of downing planes, this travel moment introduces you to a country that’s often misunderstood.

Helsinki Archipelago High-speed Boat Tour


Climb aboard a speedboat tour of the archipelago on a private cruise, taking in views of Kaivopuisto park, Suomenlinna fortress, and the Presidential Palace. As the engine slows you’ll be regaled with tales of local history by an expert guide.Culture complete, your vessel will stretch out into the open sea to let you feel the skid and splash of a speedboat over growing waves. Leave the safety of the shore and whizz along, the sense of surreal gliding providing high-speed thrill to complement culture.

Heritage Walk of the French Quarters in Pondicherry


You’ll first notice that the cobbled streets, tree-lined promenades and brightly coloured villas are distinctly European. As you walk down Rue Romain Rolland, the white colonnaded details on the facades and smell of fresh bread escaping from nearby bakeries, are further signs that you have arrived in the French Quarter of Pondicherry. The former French colony has much of its heritage and influence preserved within this city on the east coast of the country. With a local guide, you’ll discover the history of this small slice of France inside India, as you enter the old colonial churches and stroll along its wide sandy beaches.

Highlights of Calgary


Calgary is quick to charm and makes for a lovely layover before exploring Canada’s wilderness. Touch down after a long flight and a local guide will show you the highlights, notably Calgary’s laid-back atmosphere. Explore the city on foot by crossing the nearby Peace Bridge and rove along the walking trails in Prince’s Island Park before sitting by the river and watching the sunset.Then head into downtown and see how Calgary got the nickname “Stampede City”. Visit the iconic Bow Building with its public art and sample the city’s excellent restaurants. Alberta is known for its fine cattle, so you will want to try the steak!

Highlights of Durban

South Africa

In Durban, confident high-rise twenty-first century and multicultural South Africa stands side by side with relics from the city’s long and sometimes rocky history.But what draws those in the know to Durban is a combination of its modern-day culture and its exquisite Indian Ocean location. Here the city meets seemingly endless stretches of golden sand.Tuck into a hearty plate of bunny chow, watch surfers tackle the huge waves from the beachfront, and stroll along the shaded pathways of the Botanic Gardens before enjoying the dolphin show at uShaka Marine World. These are the highlights of Durban in one private day.

Highlights of Monaco Tour


The microstate of Monaco deserves its fame. There’s the stunning scenery, oodles of art, heaps of culture, and a certain celebratory class.So play a hand at the legendary Monte Carlo Casino. Visit the Oceanographic Museum, where Jacques-Yves Cousteau served as director for more than three decades. Ogle at Rolls Royces, Alfa Romeos, and Lamborghinis in Prince Rainier’s staggering collection of over one hundred classic cars. Do some shopping at designer boutiques and dine in Michelin-starred restaurants. See the side of Monaco that most interests you, and hear insights and history from a local guide, for there are stories to uncover behind all the glitz and glamor.

Highlights of Reykjavik Tour


Wander through Reykjavik’s downtown, where modern style juxtaposes with the country’s oldest cemetery and the archaeological excavation of early settlements, the Icelandic Settlement Exhibition.Your local guide will show you stunning architecture, from the geologically inspired glass exterior of Harpa on the waterfront, to the reverent geometry of Hallgrímskirkja. Enjoy panoramic views from the tower of the latter - this cathedral is one of the tallest structures in the country.From Faxaflói Bay to northern lights displays to the Perlan museum’s fantastic glacier exhibit, there’s plenty more to explore in the city. A private guide will help you go behind the scenes, so you soak up Icelandic culture and see more than the tourist sights.

Highlights of Southwest Crete


Step into a world forgotten by time, on the unspoiled terrain of southwest Crete.Begin your day with breakfast in the picturesque village of Spili. Then, together with an expert local guide, go in search of a monastery with a misty sea view, nestled between precipitous gorges.Indulge in a specialty roast meat lunch which originated from antiquated Greece, and experience the true meaning of hospitality as you get to know the locals. Before calling it a day, stop by the romantic city of Rethymno for an evening walk. Stroll along the old harbor, and get lost in an astonishing blend of Ottoman and Venetian architecture.

Highlights of Sydney History Tour With Bridge Climb


Thinking of Sydney’s history and heritage, images of the opera house and Bondi Beach may leap to the forefront of your mind. Yet, there’s so much more to this fascinating and versatile metropolis, a city shaped and shaken by indigenous and foreign people alike. Explore the compelling mix of cultures colliding and crashing into one another. Grand colonial architecture is dotted around the city and cannot be missed. To get a solid sense of all things Sydney, this tour of its most prominent places, past and present, will fully satisfy. Complete your perspective with the Sydney Bridge climb. It will raise your pulse rate and treat you to a truly breathtaking view of Sydney Bay.

Historical Tour of Vigan


Stray from the beaten path to a UNESCO historical city in the Philippines and step back in time. Stroll along cobblestone streets, admiring the ancient sights of Vigan’s fascinating past. This bucolic city takes you back to the Spanish colonial era. Horse and cart still reside here, and your local storyteller guide brings the local history and heritage to life, as you explore each rustic building and vintage mansion. Ancient bell towers, preserved Spanish and Asian architecture and delicious traces of Spanish cuisine (empanadas) will keep you alfresco dining all day long.

History and Art of Cordoba


Argentina’s most enchanting city comes alive before your eyes. Afro-jazz music floats out from hip cafes. Evita’s art museum celebrates a century of hope and despair. Artisanal markets douse the streets in fresh colors. And then silence, as you enter the old churches and savour the cool interior air. More art galleries dot the city, masterpieces hanging in neoclassical buildings and unusual hues flowing through a converted monastery. This is a city that will encourage you to stay, a city no visitor wants to leave. A private art and history tour will start to showcase why.

History of Cali Tour


Step into the vibrant streets of Cali. You’ll find an intoxicating vibe and buzzing atmosphere, something that reflects the city’s love for dancing fiestas. However, the city is not all about its famous salsa. On this private tour you’ll explore the old quarter, admiring its neoclassical architecture and historical monuments.The city has several important churches, parks and museums which provide a deeper understanding of its unique Afro-Colombian culture.A tour of the city is completed by a gastronomic element and you’ll stop to taste the flavours of the city’s cuisine, which has far reaching influences from Spanish, African and indigenous roots.

History of Holland Delft Tour


Delft was the first capital of the Netherlands and continues to be the country’s cutest old-world city. Spend a day immersed in this history, with a local guide gaining you access to buildings closed to the public. Admire the gothic 15th-century New Church then descend into its crypt, where all the Dutch monarchs are buried. Explore the City Hall, a Renaissance masterpiece from the 17th century. Climb into the escape hatch once used by Willem of Orange to escape Spanish soldiers, in the year he founded the Netherlands. All these places are not usually open to visitors. Wander past the canals to find the Old Church, where your guide narrates tales of the pirates buried beneath a 14th-century floor of skulls and crossbones. Then cycle to the only remaining Delft Blue pottery factory, where an artisan will guide you in a private pottery painting workshop. In between these highlights there is a city that goes about its day to day life. Cafes, bars, stores, canals, bicycles and the delights of old Holland.

History of Nizwa Tour


Old Oman blends nature's aesthetics with rich cultural heritage, symbolised by Nizwa, an ancient town barely two-hours drive from Muscat. You're greeted by a vast canopy of date palms, the greenery hiding a remarkable irrigation system that's evolved over millennia. Travel into the town's heart to find Nizwa Souk, redolent with the atmosphere of yesteryear. With a local guide you will visit on a Friday morning, when the traditional camel and livestock market takes place before the Friday prayer. And from here you will delve into Nizwa’s history, complete with glasses of sweet minty tea.

History Tour of Salamanca


Step into history and follow your guide over the cobblestone streets, to the ancient monuments of Salamanca.By the 1st century Roman bridge you will learn about the foundation of the city by pre-Roman peoples, and its subsequent conquest by Rome. By the medieval walls and at the Alcázar, she will tell you of the fierce struggle between Christians and Moors for the possession of the city. The countless renaissance buildings will speak to you of glorious bygone days, and at the university you will joyfully realize that Salamanca’s glory is not all past.

History Tour of Seville


A maze of tortuous streets between whitewashed houses and orange trees. A Moorish palace. The largest cathedral in the world.You will explore them all today, as your local guide takes you through the neighbourhood of Santa Cruz. Discover the royal Alcázar, with its many architectural styles, and learn all about the Cathedral.Admire the view from La Giralda, inhale the fresh citrus scent in the Courtyard of the Orange Trees, and lose yourself in the streets of the old Jewish quarter. In this tour, Seville will show you her most unique and charming places.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Through Charleston


Lift your skirts — imaginary or not — and step onto a real horse-drawn carriage. Like true gentry, see old Charleston at a leisurely pace, one horse-step at a time. Ride past ancient trees and grand mansions from bygone times, down the long avenue and all the way to the seashore. Rhett Butler walked these places, you know. (Here it’s so easy to believe in Gone with the Wind.) Yet fact is often as exciting as fiction. Your guide will tell you the true stories that made these places — the stories that make the history live on today.

Insider Montreal VIP Tour


With its range of cultural assets and nearly 400 years of history, Montreal is an artistic city with a big soul and global sensibility. Experience it from a local’s perspective, guided by one of the city’s best interpretive guides.See the cityscape from atop Mont-Royal and tour its cemetery, steeped in national history. Walk the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal. Pop into shops and eclectic eateries in the bohemian Plateau.Get VIP access to skyscrapers and cathedrals, museums and restaurants, bars and music halls. This tour is tailored to your interests and you’ll find local places to connect with Montreal’s soul.

Istanbul Old City Tour


The tale of Istanbul transcends time. Home to a colourful culture full of artistic tradition, discover the magic and mystery of the city with a journey through its most cherished scenes.The walls of the Old City offer a labyrinth of history and architectural delight. Enter the Hagia Sophia and witness its transformation firsthand. From cathedral to mosque and now museum, the building itself is a snippet into the country’s proud past.Witness the beauty of the Blue Mosque, with its glorious minarets and intricately adorned interior. Uncover what remains of the Hippodrome of Constantinople and the bustle of the Grand Bazaar. Expect laughter and ancestral anecdotes from your local guide, as he unveils the secrets of this intriguing land.

Jaipur City Tour With Local Historian


A cornerstone of India’s Golden Triangle, the chaotic and vivid streets of Jaipur will overwhelm you if you let them. But dodge the buzzing motorbikes, cart-pushing labourers and pesky auto rickshaws and take a step back to observe the orderly and intoxicating madness of Jaipur’s bazaar. You will find plenty of tranquillity within the walls of the city’s impressive historic buildings. Step inside the City Palace in the centre of the old city and let the soft, pinkish tones wash over you – it is called the Pink City after all. The remarkable Rajasthani architecture is stunning, and your guide will explain its history as the royal residence.

Jakarta Guided City Tour


Explore Jakarta’s Chinatown with a guide who will tell you all about Chinese immigration and influence in Indonesia. Discover traditional music instruments and puppets at Wayang Museum. Contemplate ancient Hindu sculptures and see the history of Indonesia come alive at the History Museum. Then, go out onto Fatahillah Square. Sip a delicious coffee while you admire the colonial décor of the café. Beyond its historical places, Jakarta is a metropolis of ritzy malls and glistening skyscrapers. If you want to discover those, just let your guide know. Like everything on Kated this tour can be customized according to your interests.

Kanazawa Culture and History Tour


Kanazawa is the fabled seat of a powerful clan reaching back to the Edo era. Sojourn to this historical city, rich in heritage, and renowned for its landscape gardens. Take time to stroll through the well-preserved samurai district where the warriors resided with their families. Mingle with the locals at a fresh seafood market, and have a taste of the sweetest sashimi. To get close to nature, enjoy some time in a picturesque garden that used to belong to a feudal lord. Depending on your preference, you can also visit shrines and temples, or pop by the stately museums for a dose of modern art. There is indeed something for every intrepid traveler in Kanazawa.

Kathmandu History and Chandragiri Hills Tour


The Kathmandu Valley is steeped in religious history. Explore the spirituality that shapes culture in one of the world’s most stunning regions by touring temples, shrines, and palaces with a private guide. Visit dome-shaped Boudha Stupa, the center of Tibetan Buddhism and the largest stupa in Nepal. Explore the many shrines of Pashupatinath, a Hindu temple on the banks of the holy Bagmati river. Investigate the ancient palace at Patan Durbar Square, a still-standing embodiment of medieval Nepal. Finally, travel up into Chandragiri Hills and enjoy a pleasant cable car ride over forest-clad foothills. Gaze over Kathmandu Valley from an excellent vantage atop Chandragiri Hills.

Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Tour


Hop in to your private transfer and be guided to the hauntingly surreal Lake Kawaguchiko. Visit an exquisite museum that specializes in the fading art of kimono-dyeing, followed by a lakeside museum which displays handmade dolls that will awaken a forgotten sense of nostalgia. For a postcard-worthy moment, head over to an iconic shrine and climb the steps leading up to a pagoda. If you can successfully make it to the top, you will be rewarded with an incredible panorama of Mount Fuji. You can also take a cable car to an observation deck, which will offer you an equally majestic view of the highest mountain in Japan.

Knossos & Heraklion Tour


Soak in the rich history of Heraklion, the largest city on Crete island.Undisturbed by the crowd, walk in the footsteps of King Minos at the magnificent Knossos Palace. Get to know the terror of the mythical Minotaur and his ultimate fate. For a thirst-quencher, take a break at a local winery to taste some award-winning wines. To truly understand Heraklion, roam around the Venetian fortress, atmospheric streets, and time-worn cathedrals. Let your private guide share fascinating Greek mythology and historical facts with you, as you thoroughly explore the Heraklion Museum at an unhurried pace.

Kutna Hora Day Trip From Prague

Czech Republic

Nestled in ancient Bohemia, the World Heritage city of Kutna Hora is full of the sublime and the surreal. Gaze up at chandeliers constructed from human bones. Descend into a massive silver mine. Find flamboyant old palaces and the atmosphere of an unchanged Bohemia. Take a private day trip from Prague. Your guide will run an itinerary counter to the tour buses, so you don’t have to fight through people. Sedlec Ossuary is the most famous attraction, where the bones of 40,000 bodies are used to decorate an oddly spiritual Gothic church. Skulls look down from the ceiling and it feels haunting. Then there’s St Barbara Church, famous for being in construction for over five centuries. They took their time and the results are fabulous!But don’t feel too haunted, not as your guide reveals sides to Kutna Hora not usually seen by visitors.

Lima Sightseeing Tour


As you enter the old centre of the city, you gaze at the beautifully preserved grand colonial buildings. Standing in the central Plaza Mayor, you’ll have a panorama of the Government Palace, City Hall, Cathedral and Archbishop’s Palace. On this private tour of Lima, you’ll uncover the historical heart of Peru’s capital.The highlight will be stepping inside Casa Aliaga, a house across from the Presidential Palace. Originally built in 1535, the house has remained in the same family for an impressive seventeen generations. The richly decorated interior is a stunning example of colonial design and showcases how Lima’s architecture will leave you in wonderment.

Lisbon Private Tram Ride


See the old Lisbon neighbourhoods in the most intimate and comfortable way: from a typical 19th-century yellow tram.Regular trams are always crowded. But not this one. It’s all yours for the duration of the ride. Through narrow alleys and steep streets, past the cathedral and the castle, it will take you across whitewashed neighbourhoods with splendid views. Up from Baixa to Alfama and Graça, Chiado and Estrela and wherever else you like.And all along, your guide will point out the sights and monuments, telling you about their history and their stories.

Maputo City Historical Tour


Hark back to the time when Maputo was one of the Indian Ocean’s most important cities. Explore Portugal’s heady colonial ambitions. Unravel the country’s complex past.In Maputo, impressive historical relics hide among faceless modern buildings. Here you can find the prefabricated cast iron governor-general’s house designed by Gustave Eiffel. Now the Victorian elegance of the train station turned cultural centre. Nearby, the soaring spire of the modernist cathedral on Independence Square.These are just some of the treasures this tour will unearth on your private historical tour.

Medieval Tower and Oratory Tour in Palermo


If you love the Baroque, the Praetorian Fountain and the Cathedral of Palermo are waiting for you. If it’s the Byzantine style you favour, you will find exquisite joy in the Capella Palatina and the Martorana Church.You will follow your guide through the picturesque local fresh markets, before going on to two exclusive discoveries.First, that of an oratory dating back to the 17th century and featuring impressive stuccowork. Then, that of a medieval tower. You will climb its four levels, and come out on a terrace. Look all around, and you will see the whole of Palermo at your feet.

Melbourne City History and Culture Tour


Anyone who thinks that these days all cities are basically carbon copies of one another has never taken a tour of Melbourne. Drenched in history and culture, the blend of old and new, rustic and sophisticated, makes for a memorable city experience that will leave you with more questions than answers. You’ll be taken on foot around some of the city’s main attractions and landmarks including, Queen Victoria Market and Federation Square. Later to give your legs a little respite, part of the tour will be conducted by tram. You can sit back and look out at the vibrant sights and feel the sounds of a city that is always evolving, while managing to maintain a sense of self. Time spent in Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without a respectful nod towards its indigenous heritage. A visit to the National Gallery of Victoria to see original aboriginal works of art is highly recommended to complete your day.

Milan Tour Including The Last Supper


You stand before the Duomo, stunned by its white, almost translucent beauty; then you go in and find it is even more beautiful inside. Grand, solemn, vast. Delicate, airy, graceful. Those were the adjectives that Mark Twain used to describe this impressive Gothic cathedral. And you will find he was right.But then, Milan is a city of fascination. You will discover the Sforza Castle, once home to the city’s most powerful families and now the seat of five museums. You will set foot in La Scala, the opera house that saw Verdi and Puccini’s debuts. And you will eventually find yourself face to face with nothing less than Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

Montserrat and Cava Winery Tour from Barcelona


Montserrat stands resplendent on a clifftop. It has been a place of worship for eleven centuries. To understand why, it’s enough to look at that tall, serrated mountain rising abruptly from the surrounding plain. But you will understand it even better once you are there. Arrive in time for the daily choir song, an atmospheric immersion in a different time. After food for the spirit, nourishment for the body. At two different wineries, you will discover four wines and four different Cavas, accompanied by tasty appetizers that bring out the best in them.You will discover that the best sparkling wine in the world doesn’t have to come from Champagne.

Moscow City Tour


Founded in 1147, Moscow has seen the rise and fall of empires, and the violence of World War II. Explore this city and its many layers of historical and cultural interest, on a private tour with a local guide.Visit the Kremlin and Red Square. Experience an opera at the world-famous Bolshoi Opera House. Look over the city from atop Sparrow Hills, and marvel at the sheer scale of the place. No visit to Moscow would be complete without a visit to St. Basil’s Cathedral, the crown jewel of Russian architecture, known for its unique design and brilliant colors.

Mumbai by Dawn City Tour


To understand the city of Mumbai is to experience it at dawn. Although the city never fully sleeps, you can witness the urban energy slowly regaining momentum at daybreak.You’ll spend the crisp morning observing the urban sprawl, which will shed some light on the hard-working people who grind and hustle their way through the day. Away from the tourist sights and behind the old colonial facades, you’ll discover the authentic Mumbai, when the monstrous city is stirring into vitality. At this slower pace, you’ll get to notice the finer details of the city that you would otherwise miss in daylight’s peak hour.

Mysuru Vintage Jeep Tour


Visit one of the former Mysuru kingdom’s most storied locations at Srirangapatna, a convergence of trade, culture and warfare. You’ll learn the history of one of the greatest kings, Tipu Sultan, who led the kingdom to its highest reach of power and expansion. In an open, vintage jeep, you’ll journey through the various historical sights of Srirangapatna to piece together the history of this empire. From the summer palace, to the fort to Tipu Sultan’s mausoleum, you’ll come to understand some of the most important events that shaped South India.

Nice City Tour


Stroll under the palm trees along the beachside Promenade des Anglais. Sip a cocktail at the bar in the InterContinental Carlton hotel, and remember “To Catch a Thief”. This is Nice after all.Then ask your guide about history. She will tell you Greek settlers founded the town around 350 BC and named it after Nike, the goddess of victory. She will take you to an antique market, and tell you meanwhile of Nice’s alliances with Italy and France, and its centuries of history.You will enjoy the iconic charm of Nice and also discover what most visitors don’t see.

Oaxaca City and Artisans Tour


Nestled in the highlands of southern Mexico, Oaxaca is a friendly city with a wealth of historical treasures. See the best of Oaxaca with a private local guide. Meander the Zócalo, now comfortably settled after nearly 500 years of history and numerous makeovers. Explore a bustling market bursting with local flavors like cooked grasshoppers, chocolate, Oaxaca cheese, and other delights. Meet with artisans peddling their creations, and learn about the region’s unique culture.Wander cobblestone streets surrounded by bold colonial facades and stumble upon grand cathedrals such as Oaxaca Cathedral and Santa Domingo de Guzman Church.

Old Panama City Walking Tour


Built along the world-famous Panama Canal, Panama City is a hub for global commerce with a long and storied history. Tour the city on foot with an expert local guide. Sample fresh sugar cane juice while rubbing elbows with locals in a tight downtown market.Walk along the narrow streets of Casco Viejo, past centuries-old buildings. Gaze upon a golden altar amid reverent silence in San Jose Church. See thick walls that were constructed to protect the old city from pirates.Climb the ruined tower among somber ruins: this is all that remains of Panama Viejo, the first European settlement on the Americas’ Pacific Coast.

Oslo City Tour


Explore Oslo with a local guide who knows how to open the city’s locked doors. You like modernism? She will introduce you to Gustav Vigeland’s sculpture park and to the Oslo opera house. Prefer the past? She will give you a tour of the 13th-century fortress that once housed the royal family — and now shelters a group of museums.She will accompany you to the best shops in Akker Brygge, take you island-hopping in the Oslo Fjord and bring you to Holmenkollen, to see the whole city spread before you. Just let her know your interests, and she will tailor your Oslo tour to your time and interests.

Other Side of the River Agra History Tour


There’s much more to Agra than the Taj Mahal. By crossing the Yamuna River you’ll discover the pre-Taj history and architecture through Mughal tombs, gardens and observatories. You’ll visit lesser known monuments such as the pleasant Rambagh gardens and the 11 Steps that helped the Mughals study star constellations. However, the highlight will be the Tomb of Itmad-ud-Daula, a Mughal mausoleum, that is often referred to as the jewel box or Baby Taj. This delicate Islamic style tomb demonstrates a significant departure from previous Mughal mausoleums, and is the flawless precursor of the more famous Taj Mahal.

Ottawa City Tour


Ottawa is the capital of Canada—the seat of the federal government and the heart of Canadian identity. Explore the city with a local guide, who will tailor a private tour to your interests.Walk along the historic Rideau Canal with its many iconic locks. Feel the heat from the Eternal Flame at Parliament Hill. Visit world-class museums and the National Art Gallery, or shop along Sparks Street. Delve into trendy neighborhoods like the Glebe, Hintonburg, and see the Prime Minister’s very own residence.Ottawa is a city curated to reflect the country as a whole. Get a taste of what makes Canada what it is.

Palermo and Monreale Tour


If you see nothing in Sicily but the Capella Palatina and the Cathedral of Monreale, your trip will still be worth it.Here there is no nakedness of grey stone, no heaviness of baroque ornaments. Saracen arches and muqarnas are covered everywhere by Byzantine mosaics, of such vibrant colours and glowing gold that they look as if they had been made only last week. Forget ‘gorgeous’. Forget ‘stunning’. Leave aside ‘breathtaking’. These are places where adjectives fail.

Paris Discovery Sightseeing Tour


Discover Paris alongside an expert in Parisian architecture and history. Admire the exterior of buildings such as the Opera Garnier, the Louvre, Notre-Dame. Wander the Latin Quarter, visiting the Sorbonne University and the Luxembourg Gardens.You will be impressed by the grandeur of Les Invalides and the Arc de Triomphe, and enjoy the artistic Place du Tertre. Your guide will tell you curious facts about the Eiffel Tower as you climb to its top. And you will be awed by the Sacré Coeur basilica, built to atone for a nation’s forgetfulness.

Pearls of Tuscany & Lunch in a Castle


Before the Renaissance, there were the Middle Ages. Middle Ages. An unfair name, you will think. Because you have just discovered Siena and San Gimignano.And you find there is nothing transitional about the Cathedral of Siena, dominating the city for eight hundred years. Nothing middling about the Town Hall palace, which has seen seven centuries come and go. Nothing mediocre about San Gimignano’s towers and houses and churches, jewels of the Romanesque and the Gothic.As you lunch in a medieval castle among the Tuscan hills, you will feel the Middle Ages were a time of wonders — an age in their own right. They deserve a better name.

Photography Tour of Madrid


This afternoon is really two experiences in one. You will get to explore Madrid in the company of a local who’s itching to show you his city. And you will learn how to make your photos even greater. Seriously.Your guide is a madrileño — and an expert professional photographer. Light, angles, composition. He will show you how to make the most of those to achieve the best possible shots.By the end of this tour, you will have learned to see the city in a different, more creative way.

Pokhara City Tour, Including Phewa Tal and Tibetan Culture


Towering peaks reflected in warm lake water. Clamoring city streets. A taste of Tibet. A pagoda-style temple surrounded by water. This is Pokhara, the second-biggest city in Nepal. See the city on a private tour, led by a local guide. Survey the area from the calm waters of Phewa Tal, a large lake that borders Pokhara. Get in touch with local culture by visiting any number of Buddhist and Hindu temples and shrines. Visit a Tibetan refugee settlement and connect with Tibetan culture, meeting refugees and witnessing traditional carpet weaving. Connect with the history of the Himalayas at the comprehensive International Mountain Museum.

Port Elizabeth City Tour

South Africa

While lacking the immediate fame of Cape Town or Durban, Port Elizabeth offers visitors accompanied by a knowledgeable guide an important insight into the birth of the South African nation.Founded in 1820 by British settlers looking for a base between the Cape and eastern provinces, its historic heart has a number of impressive Victorian and Edwardian buildings. Elsewhere, the hilltop Dookin Reserve provides a grand viewpoint over the city, while the 80-hectare Settlers Park is a great place to catch sight of the resident dassies.

Port Elizabeth Township Tour

South Africa

Walk the streets of Port Elizabeth’s townships for even the shortest time and you will discover that the reality of life on these vibrate streets is wildly different from what headlines might sometimes suggest.A local guide will show you the hidden sides of the townships. Both welcoming and diverse in nature, townships remain a part and parcel of urban life in modern South Africa.Among the rapidly-improving shanty housing you will therefore find the sound of chanting school children, the echoes of men hard at work, and the throbbing beats of music that’s such an integral part of South African culture.

Porto Architecture Tour


This is a treat for lovers of architecture old and new. Your guide will introduce you to the city’s most daring and remarkable buildings.You will find Casa Serralves an unique example of art déco in Portugal. The Vodafone building is among the most surprising creative office buildings in the world. Rem Koolhaas’s Casa da Música challenges the order of the square where it is located. And the Rosa Mota Pavilion, besides its architectural peculiarities, offers you a great view of Porto.Let your guide know if you have other interests besides, this tour can be customized to your preferences.

Porto Sightseeing Tour


Porto is not just about wine. In company with a friendly and knowledgeable guide, you will discover the historical town centre. You will visit the impressive Cathedral, romanesque in origin and baroque in decoration. You will admire the splendid neoclassical Stock Exchange Palace, and the São Bento Railway Station, with its vast panels of typical Azulejo painted tiles. Your guide will fascinate you with facts about the city and its history. And yes, eventually you will get to the wine lodges!

Prague Highlights Walking Tour

Czech Republic

So many stories and so many sights, so much to discover on the streets of Prague. Follow the King’s Way, winding across medieval streets of cobblestone and intrigue. A private guide leads you through the centuries, through the New Town, Old Town, Jewish Quarter, Lesser Town and then up to Prague Castle. Along the way you trace an evolution of style, gothic to Renaissance, Baroque and classicist. Exploring the footsteps of kings will give you a great introduction to the Czech capital and an opportunity to look beyond the famous astronomical clock and Charles Bridge. The tour is completely customisable with your private guide.

Private Papeete City Tour & Shopping

French Polynesia

If you thought Papeete was just a stop on your way to another place, think again. With a knowledgeable local guide, you will discover the life and character of this small capital city. Stroll along the waterfront, and listen to stories about the queen who strove for independence from the French. In the market you will discover local crafts, flowers and the fe’i — a nutritious but endangered local banana.Learn all about Tahitian black pearls, and buy the most beautiful to take home. This tour will be tailored for you, so just let your guide know what your interests are.

Private Rhine Cruise in Cologne


As the largest city on the Rhine, Cologne’s character is inextricably linked to the great river. For thousands of years, the city’s occupants have relied on the waterway as a vital transportation channel bringing in people, resources, and trade. Enjoy a relaxing private cruise along the river, taking the opportunity to see Cologne from its most central perspective. Take in a panoramic view of the cityscape, a sprawling urban landscape with peaks including such landmarks as Cologne Cathedral, Great St. Martin Church, and Hohenzollern Bridge.Soak up the sunshine while you learn about the city’s extremely rich history.

Private Seine River Cruise, Paris


Feel Paris awaken around you as your boat glides softly past Notre-Dame, in the early morning hours. Or watch the Eiffel Tower light up as the last sunset glow disappears from the water’s surface.Take this cruise during the day and the darkened glass windows will protect your privacy, as you toast your love with Champagne and share a kiss.Your captain will steer you smoothly and tell you fascinating facts about Paris — such as what the statues on Mirabeau Bridge represent, and why the oldest bridge is called New Bridge.With a private Seine cruise you can create your own itinerary, at your own time of day.

Private Sightseeing Tour of Marrakech


A city of heart and soul enclosed within rose-coloured walls. Experience the charming culture of Morocco’s ancient metropolis, with a private tour of its many treasures. Imagine lost tombs and tucked away museums, as the call of the Azan rings through the air. Let its echoes lead you to Koutoubia Mosque, an alluring centrepoint since the 12th-century. From here, Djemaa el Fna is just a short walk away. Revered as one of history’s greatest squares, watch the marketplace come to life as the sky melts into twilight.Enjoy its chaotic beauty full of frenzy and light, and spend your evening roaming this cultural space. It’s an enchanting end to the day, as the sound of snake charmers and storyteller merchants harmonise into one.

Private Vltava River Cruise

Czech Republic

Prague is draped elegantly along the Vltava River, a millennia of history and domes stretching along both banks. It’s along this river that the city reveals so many of its charms. And with a private cruise you can comfortably get away from the tour group crowds. With a private cruise you will have your own itinerary, on your own times, with stops that go beyond the standard Prague checklist. So cruise past the monuments, embrace life along the riverbank, and disembark to discover the most authentic sides of Prague.

Quito Tour With Historian Guide


Golden churches and evocative 16th-century palaces dominate the heart of Quito. Streets of cobblestone and intrigue suggest a time of the early Spanish colony, while lanes evoke more indigenous styles. Quito’s old centre was officially the first ever World Heritage Site. You will explore with a local historian, discovering eclectic imported styles and an astonishing quantity of gold. Sights like La Compania and the Presidential Palace are among your stops. This is a city with a very living history and almost every street offers a hidden surprise. A morning will reveal iconic highlights in the centre, then the afternoon can be tailored to your historical and cultural interests.

Ravello and Amalfi Sightseeing Tour


Your guide will take you to the most beautiful places along the Amalfi Coast.In Ravello, the belvedere of Villa Cimbrone and the romantic gardens of Villa Rufolo seem to overhang the sea. It is as though, standing by the battlements, you could drop a pebble into the waters, nearly four hundred meters below.In Amalfi, narrow winding streets are lined with charming houses, and reveal breathtaking views.If there was such a thing as “too beautiful”, this is what you would call the Amalfi Coast.

Ride a Vespa Around Antigua


Antigua’s character is composed of centuries worth of history. There’s a blending of colonial and local culture, and the resilience of a town shattered by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It’s too much to simply see through the windows of a tour bus.Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of this UNESCO World Heritage Site by touring its cobblestone streets on a Vespa, quad bike, or golf cart.Feel the wind as your private guide leads you throughout the city—past pastel facades, lively plazas, ruined cathedrals, colonial buildings, bustling markets, and more. And ascend into the volcanic hills surrounding the old town.

Salta Tour and Vineyard Visit


Salta’s colonial facades fade beneath bright red mountains. Dusty cowboy trails meander out of the city. Bizarre rocky pinnacles dominate the surroundings while evocative history stretches in many directions. Salta is an iconic destination, an enclave of strange tales and glorious scenery. You will spend a morning discovering vintage tales in the old city centre, from the 19th-century cathedral to indoor market. Then immerse yourself in the outdoors with a visit and tasting at one of the Cafayate vineyards. The wine is starting to rival Mendoza here and the red mountain backdrop makes for an elegant afternoon in the sun.

Salvador Walking Tour with Acarajé & Cachaça Tasting


Follow your local guide along Salvador’s cobblestone streets. Admire the buildings in Portuguese colonial style and discover Brazilian history. Buildings date from the 18th, 17th and even the 16h century. This was the country’s first capital. You will see glimpses of that glorious past, in baroque altars plated with gold and imposing public buildings.Return to the present to try acarajé, a scone-shaped local delicacy made of mashed beans and onions, deep-fried in palm oil. And while you are at it, discover cachaça, the Brazilian distilled spirit made from sugarcane.

San Francisco City Tour


Feel the impressive size of Golden Gate Bridge as you step onto the walkway. Admire its orange vermilion colour and Art Déco details. Then look beyond the parapet into the bay, and see Alcatraz Island — once military fort, then prison, now a pleasant recreation area. Your tour guide will take you next to Fisherman’s Wharf, the famous waterside neighbourhood where you can eat the most delicious seafood at Pier 29 or Ghirardelli Square. Then at the San Francisco Maritime National Park, you will feel the awe of going on board a World War Two submarine, and remember the thousands of servicemen that embarked in San Francisco for the Pacific Theatre.This is a privately-guided city tour, so this example itinerary can be adjusted to your interests and preferences.

San Jose City Culture Tour

Costa Rica

Bustling city streets. Global attitude. European-inspired architecture. Arts and culture. San Jose is Costa Rica’s national capital and the largest city in the country. See the best it has to offer.Meet your guide in the lovely Sabana Park, then walk through the historic National Theatre, the city’s cultural heart, before sampling the most impressive museum collections to be found in Central America. Explore the University of Costa Rica, the Supreme Court, and a number of other institutions that fortify the nation.This is a whirlwind tour of impressive architecture and will leave you with a deep sense of the city’s brilliant soul.

San Miguel de Allende & Mexican Vineyards Tour


Dive into Mexico’s flourishing wine industry and experience one of its most charming cities. San Miguel de Allende is a town known for its soaring baroque architecture. Get acclimatized by strolling its picturesque cobblestone streets and visiting the stunning Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, with its pink spires jutting above the city. Cuna De Tierra Vineyard is the trailblazing winery of the Mexico's central highlands. Enjoy a tour of the vineyard aboard a tractor-drawn carriage and learn about the wine-making process from an expert sommelier. Then to Dos Buhos after sundown. Tour the property before sitting down for a gourmet meal accompanied by carefully selected wine pairings.

Santiago de Chile City Tour


Santiago is a city with nearly 500 years of history. Sitting against a spectacular backdrop of Andean peaks, it’s home to over six million people and a cornucopia of both political and cultural institutions.With a private car and knowledgeable local guide, you’ll see the best of one of Latin America’s largest cities on this whirlwind tour tailored to your interests.See the imposing neoclassical architecture of the Palacio de la Moneda. Enjoy the cityscape along with locals at Santa Lucia Hill and Metropolitan Park. Get amongst the action in the city’s fiscal center—Santiago boasts the largest concentration of financial institutions and corporate headquarters in Latin America.The tour can be adjusted to your interests and timeframes, so it can be an ideal start or finish to a Chilean vacation.

Savannah History Tour


See yourself in Civil War Savannah as your private guide shows you the city’s historic places.Ask him about daily life in the South during and after the “Recent Unpleasantness”, and learn why Sherman spared the city during his march to the sea. Then, forget wars and blood. Remember only the good things of the small city’s history. You will find beautiful long dresses, social gatherings, the whole different rhythm and meaning of life in those times. So step yourself in the poetry of the past and come to love it.

Sights of Antigua Tour


Antigua has seen a lot since its founding in 1543. This charming little city was once the country’s capital, before a series of earthquakes chased the government to Guatemala City. Today, Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with cobblestone streets and brightly colored facades, surrounded by three towering volcanoes.Meet your private guide and start the exploration at the fountain in the Main Plaza. A local with deep knowledge of the city, your guide will explain Antigua’s rich history and reveal its vibrant culture.You’ll see all the key highlights in a day. Like the Cathedral with its beautifully haunting ruins, City Hall Palace, colonial-era sites, and museums at Paseo de los Museos.

Sightseeing Tour of Barcelona Old Town


There is something about the Cathedral that will make you want to whisper. As you walk around the cloister, admiring the palm trees and the still pond, you will feel a peace that seems to hover in the air. Outside, you are back to the bustling life of the Gothic Quarter. Walk with your guide and let your fancy fly with the stories you hear.At Plaça del Rei you will travel back to the Middle Ages. The Roman remains will impress you with the vanity of civilizations. And all that you see here will tell you of mankind’s glories and lowliness.

Sightseeing Tour of Bilbao


Bilbao has something for everyone. If you like modern architecture, your guide will take you on a tour of its most famous and unique buildings. The Guggenheim Museum, whose steely surfaces reflect the basque sun. The immense Iberdrola Tower, mirroring sky and clouds all the way to its distant top. Bridges, industry, design: you will find them all here.If you like old places, historic monuments, classic squares, you only have to say so. You will see neoclassic government buildings, and discover medieval and renaissance churches, the Theatre and the Market. And then there are the places in between, the secrets known to locals that will elevate your private tour.

Sightseeing Tour of Casablanca


An old imperial city blending ancient ambiance with modern charm, the beauty of Casablanca is world-renowned. Stroll through the streets of this bustling cultural capital and discover why it remains one of Morocco’s classic gems.Begin your day exploring the stunning Mosque Hassan II. An iconic landmark boasting a 210m minaret, get lost in the captivating colours of its mosaics. Alluring design beside a gorgeous watery backdrop, this hovering house of worship is the largest mosque in Africa.For a raw glimpse of local life, enter the old Medina with its aged houses and narrow lanes. A labyrinth of passageways surrounding vibrant souks, expect talented artisans and authentic exchange amid the beat of tradition and trade.

Sightseeing Tour of Fes


Step back in time with a visit to Fes, a cultural capital full of old-world charm. Countless souk-markets dominate a maze of medieval streets. Washed away colours enhance the rustic beauty of this ancient town.Follow your local guide through a labyrinth of narrow streets, as he takes you on a tour of the Medina's oldest treasures. From enchanting riads to stunning palace gates, submerge yourself in the exquisite museum architecture. Take a tour of the old tanneries as you learn more about the history of their operation.Get lost in the stunning mosaics at Bou Inania and Al Attarine, two of the city’s oldest centres for Islamic learning. Truly impressive in their preservation, these captivating madrasas are just another element of your private Fes tour.

Sightseeing Tour of Modernist Barcelona


As your guide shows you around La Sagrada Familia, you will be impressed by its unique Modernist style. Combining Gothic and Art Nouveau elements, it is little wonder the as-yet-unfinished cathedral is a modern symbol of Barcelona. Afterwards, let your guide introduce you to Park Güell, also by Gaudí. Here you will ask yourself if this is Earth or some fantasy land. Palm trees grow in wide patios, columns and arches mingle with vegetation. Stones and caves almost leave you asking yourself whether they are natural or man-made. Enjoy your stroll in fairyland.

Sightseeing Tour of Rabat


Resting along the shores of both river and ocean, Morocco’s thriving capital offers ancient Islamic landmarks with a touch of French-colonial heritage. Combining old and new, your tour of this sundry city begins at Chellah. Enjoy a private visit to this medieval Muslim necropolis, with a local guide well-informed on its history.The narrow streets of Kasbah Des Oudaias call you next. Adjacent to the old Medina, get lost in this labyrinth of culture. From a Berber-era fort overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, discover sea views and immersive French-style gardens.Enjoy a venture up iconic Hassan Tower to end your day. The tower is particularly gorgeous at sunset, with its mighty minaret standing tall against a sky of dreamy colours.

Singapore Art And Architecture Tour


Architecture reigns in modern Singapore, with mind-bending buildings sprouting up from this densely-packed concrete jungle. Be accompanied by an expert guide with an eye for beauty and design. Unveil the interesting stories surrounding Singapore’s contemporary architecture. Watch a romantic side of the country unfold. Get to know the colonial rarities. Spot the pastel-hued Chinese-Baroque terrace houses that have survived demolition.Venture deep into the cultural quarter to unearth nuggets of artistic gems. Visit handpicked galleries and museums that will orientate you in the riveting world of Southeast Asian art.

Singapore River Cruise


Delve into Singapore’s winding history on a scenic river cruise. Enjoy a boat ride in full privacy or share the journey with other curious travelers.Catch a glimpse of the mystical Merlion that pays tribute to Singapore’s humble origin as a fishing village. Drift idyllically along the prominent river that gave rise to a powerful maritime hub.Spot well-preserved warehouses lining the riverside, along with the cultural core where museums and concert halls congregate.Sail from the past into the present. Hear the story of the birth of rural Singapore, and compare that with the steely skyscrapers proudly symbolizing the country’s modern success.

Sunset Boat Cruise on Lake Pichola in Udaipur


Float along the placid waters of Lake Pichola and cast your eyes across the urban skyline of Udaipur, to watch the old buildings be doused in the perfect golden light of the setting sun. The city palace dominates the waterfront and its imposing walls appear like a fortress. Yet, at the water’s edge you’ll see people congregating, with women offering prayers, vendors selling trinkets and sweets and kids chasing each other along the steps. Birds skirt along the water’s surface and the Lake Palace on the island of Jag Niwas is perfectly reflected onto the lake, producing countless picture-perfect moments.

Talavera Pottery Workshop & Puebla History Tour


The fourth-largest city in Mexico, Puebla is a vibrant place with strong colonial and Catholic influences.Connect with Puebla’s unique culture at Uriarte Talavera, the largest Talavera producer in Latin America. Talavera pottery is made with the region’s high-quality natural clay and traditionally decorated with beautiful, gentle details. Learn about this local art on a private tour of the historic factory before inspecting fine examples in the showroom.Afterward, plunge into the bustle of Puebla. The historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning examples of colonial architecture. Visit the oldest library in the Americas, Biblioteca Palafoxiana, the Capilla del Rosario, Palacio Nacional, and more.

Temple Of Poseidon Day Trip


Travel out of Athens on an exciting day trip to Cape Sounion. Admire the scenery along the coastal road of Attica, the Riviera of Athens creating spaces to sunbathe and swim. Be awe-struck by blue-green water, fine sand beaches, and glamorous marinas.Take a turn towards Sounion. Here the majestic Doric Temple of Poseidon stands at the top of a cliff, overlooking an ethereal vista. This timeless spot has been immortalized in Homer’s Odyssey.Stay till sunset to witness a divine splendor, then go for dinner at a seaside restaurant nearby.

Thessaloniki Landmarks Tour


See the rare highlights and remarkable landmarks of Thessaloniki on a customisable private tour. A plethora of historic architecture from different eras congregate in this cultural capital, all of it narrated by your archaeologist guide. Hop on your personal transport to meet your guide. Take in the Byzantine grandiose of the White Tower, stoically standing at the waterfront. Visit the Archeological Museum for relics and revelatory finds.Discover Roman temples and iconic cathedrals, Turkish baths and imposing fortification walls. They are all telling the story of Thessaloniki’s evolution through the ages.

Toledo Day Trip from Madrid


Cross the medieval bridge on the Tagus. Pass through the embattled city gates. And the enchantment begins.Your guide will take you to magnificent places. You will think the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes is made of petrified lace. And through its stained glass windows, sunlight comes in and touches your soul. Then there’s the cathedral. The white synagogue. The views from the hilltop, with the whole city at your feet.You will discover quiet medieval backstreets, traditional shops, and listen to the riveting stories of this city.

Tour Celestun Biosphere & Merida City


Experience both nature and culture at the northern edge of the Yucatán Peninsula.Visit Celestun Biosphere, a fascinating wetland corridor over the peninsula’s largest groundwater basin. Wander boardwalks through mangrove forests, spotting birds and crocodiles. See hundreds if not thousands of pink flamingos hanging out in the shallow saltwater lagoon.Afterward, head into Merida, Yucatán’s capital city. Meander through streets crowded with grand colonial buildings, and tour churches and monuments, while your private guide provides commentary on the history of this entrancing region.

Tour of Bologna


The oldest university in the world. An enormous 14th-century church with an unfinished façade. A medieval tower standing ninety-seven metres high — and a second tower with a three-metre tilt. A municipal palace where, for twenty-three years, a king was kept prisoner.Wander the streets of Bologna with your local guide. Admire the stout historic buildings that survived even Allied bombings, and hear from your guide the most curious and unbelievable stories.

Tour of Catania


Catania was born 28 centuries ago. It is no wonder there is so much history to see here.You will stand before Ursino Castle and feel the might of those tall stone walls. They have outlived seven centuries — and look as though another seven won’t bother them. Older still, much older, are the Roman amphitheatre, the Greek-Roman theatre, and the ruins of the Roman forum. Younger and charming are the dozens of Baroque churches dotted everywhere about the city.Whatever historical period you love best, you are sure to find it in Catania.

Tour of Ibiza


Close your eyes and feel the sun reflecting off the rows of white houses. Then open them, and look up at the palm trees rocked by the mediterranean breeze. You are exploring the town of Ibiza, and in the very best company: a local guide who is eager to show you all the remarkable places, and fascinate you with their stories.From the cathedral and the Old Town to the colourful, bustling neighbourhood of Penya y Bomba, you will get to know the authentic Ibiza. And as dusk falls, you will toast your new love with a typical Ibizan cocktail.

Tour of Menorca


Discover the tales of two cities. In Mahon, as you pass before Georgian houses, your guide will tell you how the entire island was under British dominion for a good part of the 18th century.Not far from Ciutadella, you will be astounded by imposing prehistoric ruins. And in the town itself, you will admire medieval buildings, and hear stories of Carthaginians, Arabs, and Turkish invaders. But all is not history. In both Mahon and Ciutadella you will find lovely pastel-coloured houses, a charming port, boats rocking gently on the waves, and that unique Mediterranean charm.

Tour of Parma


At the National Gallery, stand silently before Fra Angelico’s paintings, and let their blue and golden peace soothe you.Besides the celebrated paintings in the National Gallery, this tour will also introduce you to the architectural jewels of Parma. A 17th century theatre built entirely in wood. A cathedral of Romanesque design and Baroque décor. the Town Hall, the Civic Tower — all the public and religious buildings of a great city.And to come down again to the simple pleasures of life, your tour will end with a tasting of Parma’s delicacies: Parmesan cheese and prosciutto.

Tour of Piazza Armerina


Stroll along the quaint streets of Piazza Armerina, a small town in the heart of Sicily. Admire the splendid baroque houses while your guide tells you of the history of this town.Visit the baroque cathedral, a heritage of Aragonese domination.Then, enter Villa del Casale and travel back to the Roman era. This 4th-century country villa built by aristocrats boasts the largest and most complex Roman mosaics in the world. You will see hunting scenes, baskets of fruit, women in bikinis playing, lovers embracing…With this private tour you will discover an incredible testimony of life in Roman times.

Tour of Ribera del Duero Wine Region


Charming little towns, medieval castles sitting atop hills, and endless rows of vines. Accompanied by an expert local guide, you will discover two villages in the Ribera del Duero, and admire their unique local architecture. You will learn about and taste delicious regional cheese.Then, the wineries. Your hosts are either owners or winemakers, who will be proud to show you around, explain soils and grape varieties and the winemaking process. You are invited for a tapas lunch with them. With wine tasting, of course.

Tour of Siena


Siena is a city of legends and secrets. Home to the annual Palio horse race, the city lives to an ancient code of competition. It is in fact 17 distinct “contrade”, proudly unique districts with their own emblems and colours. It’s a city that epitomises the importance of having a good guide. You can wander around Siena and admire the architecture. You can enjoy the city facades and feel a little 14th-century mystery. But with a guide you will be transported into the medieval era, into a culture and rivalry that is practically unchanged for eight centuries.

Tour of Singapore’s Multi-Ethnic Districts


Embark on a private guided tour to explore the ethnic districts of Singapore. The country is renowned as a melting pot where different races and religions coexist together harmoniously.Experience remnants of traditions in Chinatown. Visit ornate temples, then browse the shophouses packed with medicinal halls and grocers selling dried foodstuff. Immerse in the eclectic vibe of Kampong Glam. This Malay and Arab quarter begins at the opulent Sultan Mosque. Get lost in the tiny lanes filled with quirky boutiques, bars, and cafes. Open your eyes to Singapore’s cultural tapestry, and get a true sense of what makes up its special identity.

Tour of Siracusa


Siracusa is a place for history lovers.Stones of Apollo’s temple witness the devotion of those who built it twenty-six centuries ago. An arabic inscription reminds us that God was worshipped here under other forms as well. The Normans who once ruled this island are long gone. But Castello Maniace still keeps a faithful watch over the Ionian waters, and the basilica of Santa Lucia protects the remains of that Christian martyr.From the Ancient Greek monuments to the Norman and Baroque buildings, Siracusa will take you on a journey to many pasts.

Tour of Taormina, Sicily


The Cathedral of Taormina may be small but it has a definite medieval style. Castellated walls and a tower make it unique: it is called the fortress cathedralAfter a private visit, spend a few minutes enjoying the stunning view from the piazza. Then go down Corso Umberto. You will come to the Teatro Antico, on the edge of the cliffs. It’s a Greek theatre with wonderful acoustics, that has been there for a mere 2300 years — and is still in use. A local guide will help you explore its architectural perfection, so you can grasp how it has stood for so long.

Tours City Sightseeing Tour


Discover the history and sights of Tours as you explore it with your expert local guide. She will tell you how 1300 years ago, Charles Martel defeated the Muslim invaders here, thus preventing their conquest of France.You will discover the Charlemagne Tower, and relish the Gothic purity of the cathedral. Then, sip a coffee at Place Plumereau while you enjoy the charm of the half-timbered medieval houses all around.And if you love holy places, you can offer a prayer at the tomb of St. Martin, and visit the Oratory of the Holy Face.

Trip to the Cádiz White Mountain Villages


Moorish towers stand on high hilltops, and white houses huddle below on the rocky slopes.These are the famous pueblos blancos, the white villages of Andalusia. Arrive at the top of a hill and you will see to what they own their fame. You will walk stone streets that seem untouched by time. You find refuge from the scorching Andalusian sun in the shadows of whitewashed houses, where vines bloom over the door.From ancient towers and battlements, you will look down on solitary villages lost in the rocky vastness, and hear the lonely call of an eagle above.This is timeless Spain.

Vancouver Island Day Trip by Seaplane


Board a seaplane for a scenic flight to Vancouver Island, complete with water-landing and dazzling views over the harbour. Your driver-guide will meet you at the docks and bring you on a guided tour of Victoria, the island’s main city.The city’s attractions include the bustling Inner Harbour, nearby Provincial Parliament buildings, century-old Butchart Gardens, and Craigdarroch Castle, which was once home to the richest man in Western Canada.Finally, you will return to Vancouver around sunset, ensuring more sublime views from the seaplane.

Venice Tour by Private Gondola


The danger in Venice is that you may start with too many memories. Films, paintings, poems, songs.Instead, forget all associations. Make your mind a blank canvas, and let the city paint its own portrait on it. No human glory lasts forever. But St. Mark’s Basilica will fill you with awe; the Doge’s Palace will teach you about art and history; and during your boat tour, the Grand Canal will enchant you with its palatial memories of a glorious past.You will see Venice’s face does have a few wrinkles. But it is beautiful, and magically unique.

Vientiane City Tour


Vientiane is more a village than a capital city, a place full of charms tucked down backstreets. Thousands of miniature Buddha statues fill Wat Sisaket. Wonderful collections of Lao and Khmer artwork can be discovered in Wat Phra Kreo. The Presidential Palace is a glimpse at colonialism in the heart of the city. But Vientiane is much more than attractions and sights from the guidebooks. Each turn offers a unique insight into the city. Local traders push around wooden carts, quaint cafes serve up croissants and amazing coffee, locals wander about in dazzlingly colorful clothes and monks wander barefoot. Explore Wat Simuang, the guardian of the city's spirits. Circle the pillar three times and make a wish. Then from a different view of Laos history visit COPE, an association that's helping landmine victims. Next climb the local version of the Arc de Triomphe and gaze down on the city you've just explored.You’ll see that there is much more to the capital city than initially meets the eye.

Views From the Skypark Observation Deck


Suspended mid-air at one of the most emblematic hotels in Singapore, is the Skypark Observation Deck. Be treated to a panoramic view high up on the Marina Bay Sands. Take in a gorgeous vista that stretches as far as the eyes can see. Trace the staggering expressways fanning out from the edge of the harbor into the heartland. Keep your eyes peeled for the rows of traditional shophouses dotting the banks of the Singapore River. Celebrate a country that constantly embraces the new. Don’t miss the newfangled giant tree structures at the Gardens By The Bay. Behold the spiked Esplanade dome, mimicking a scene out of a sci-fi movie!

Villa de Leyva Walking Tour


In Villa de Leyva you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped onto a real-life colonial era film set. Quiet cobblestone laneways sided by whitewashed buildings and terracotta roofs will transport you back in time. The well-preserved town of Villa de Leyva is the Colombia of many dreams, a perfectly preserved immersion in heritage. Known as Colombia’s most beautiful old town, it also has significant historical importance. You’ll find yourself drawn towards the large expansive main square. It was here that new laws were drafted after independence in 1812. Your local guide will explain the history of this colonial town, as you continue to be seduced by its beauty.

Vintage Car Tour in Rome


The charming vintage convertible takes you on a tour of Rome’s most beautiful and historic places, from the imposing Colosseum to the Roman ruins on Oppian Hill and to the Cestia Pyramid.On Aventine Hill your driver stops the car.Sitting in the shade under the Mediterranean pines, you will open the bottle of Prosecco. Sip it slowly, gazing at the panorama of the majestic city spread before you.

Visit Civita di Bagnoregio


Civita, an island in Italian memory, a hilltop town so surreal it feels like a figment of the imagination. Enter through the ancient city gate and you will travel back in time. You may feel like time is suspended, as your footsteps echo upon cobblestone streets. The remains of old houses stand guard over a sheer cliffside drop, and you realise that nature is taking over, and Civita will soon disappear. 

Visit to the Doge's Palace in Venice


Leisurely, follow your guide through halls and corridors, to balconies and windows and passages. Learn about the seven centuries of history of this building — once, seat of the Venetian government, now, a museum full of artistic treasures. Admire the architecture of the Doge’s Palace and its decoration, and the masterpieces it houses.Then, your guide will take you to rooms that are not open to the public. You will have exclusive glimpses into aspects of the palace that only very few come to know.Today, the Doge’s Palace is yours alone.

Visit to Valldemossa and Deiá


Visit the places where artists flocked and found inspiration.You will find the town of Valldemossa blends in perfectly with the surrounding natural landscape. Walk its picturesque streets to the house where Chopin once lived, and listen to his haunting melancholy tones during a concert at the monastery.Next comes Deià, sitting on the cliffs by the sea. As you walk its evocative streets between ancient stone houses, and look down at the emeraldine and turquoise waters, you will understand why Deià has been a haunt of musicians and novelists for over a century.

Walking Tour of Cochin


Feel the ocean breeze against your face as you watch local fishermen bring in their daily catch with old Chinese nets. Wander along the sandy beach and smile at the vendors of the various street food stalls.You can’t help but feel a sense of calm. Cochin, the laidback port city in Kerala, will entice you to stay longer than you planned. Walking through the seaside area known as Fort Cochin will take you back to when the Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese and British ruled the port. But the old colonial buildings along the quaint streets have since been converted into delicious seafood restaurants and quirky shops.

Walking Tour of Rome


Look around you as you stand in the People’s Square, and marvel at its sheer size and at the majestic buildings surrounding it. Climb down the Spanish steps and remember fondly that lovely scene between Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Admire the fountain in Navona Square, and the imposing monuments in Venice Square.Then, let your guide take you to hidden places, to quiet corners of Rome that will catch your fancy and make lovely memories.And don’t forget to throw your coin in the Trevi Fountain. Because you will want to see Rome again.

Walking Tour of Santiago de Compostela


You thought Santiago was in Spain. And you are right. And you are wrong.This is Galicia. The street signs, the place names, the language you will hear in the shops, are not Spanish. Which lends a different atmosphere to this splendid, majestic city.But as your local guide leads you to discover its sacred and profane places, you will see that Santiago is more than Galician culture and majestic monuments. It’s a physical proof of faith. Here you experience the faith that caused the town to be built, the faith that continues to bring over 100,000 pilgrims a year. Whether you are one of them or not, Santiago is worth discovering.

Windhoek Cultural Tour


Namibia’s capital is a mere blip in the desert, a small town enveloped by sand and arid plains. Not much happens here. But Windhoek can be more than just a necessary stopover.Almost every Namibia experience will pass through Windhoek, either by road or air. And it’s a fascinating place when given time. You only need half a day to explore Windhoek, to discover its complexities and surprises. Even if it’s just eating a zebra steak and drinking in one of Africa’s most remote outpost bars, half a day with a guide makes all the difference in Windhoek.