Add These Horseback Safari Ideas to your Bucketlist

Galloping with zebra. Cantering in elephant country. Riding horses in wild Africa, as herds roam free all around you. Explore these horseback safari ideas and add favourites to your travel bucketlist by tapping the heart.

Benguerra Island Horseback Safari


Trot or gallop along pristine sands. Take in panoramic views across to Bazaruto island, and admire the colourful depths of the Indian Ocean. Breathe in the fresh coastal air. Explore forest trails without effort.These guide-led horseback safaris around Benguerra have no fixed route, meaning each and every one is adapted to meet the interests of the riders. On the way, your guide will impart intriguing details about the flora and fauna that make the island so special.Then on an open stretch of beach you can let the horses gallop onwards and savour the freedom of this island.

Horseback Safari in Mashatu Game Reserve


Cantering with the herds you become one with the wild. You’re riding with the zebra, riding with the big antelope. You must be an experienced rider to do this, for the savannah is not a forgiving place. But if you can ride, where else can rival Mashatu for magic and adrenalin?One of Africa’s largest private reserves, Mashatu is a luxury safari destination where you can create a program to your choosing. You will find more big animals in other Botswana destinations. But fewer lions and elephants mean better opportunities to ride.So saddle up and run with the animals, on this unusual chance to see giraffe, elephant, zebra and others from the closest possible proximity.

Horseback Safari in the Waterberg Bushveld

South Africa

The blue wildebeest continue their grunting communications. White rhino push through untamed landscapes, drifting between open grassland and thick bush, unperturbed. Very rare sable and roan antelope seek out fresh pasture without a second thought.The gentle thud of horse’s hooves on soft sand does little to disturb the game species habituated to this equine presence. It means riders can get much closer to the animals inhabiting this private game reserve in South Africa’s Limpopo Province than is ever possible with a game drive.

Lake Mburo Horseback Safari


Ride across the savannah, towards a herd of eland and impala. Zebra and Cape buffalo also cover this land and you ride with them. There are no elephants or lions, or other dangerous animals (except all the hippos in the lake itself). Which means it’s safe to ride on horseback, even if you are not an experienced rider.So take your ride into Uganda’s wilderness and join the animals, on an inspiring safari that brings you so close to nature.

Llanos Orientales Horseback Safari


Hold onto your sombrero and climb into the saddle for an authentic horseback safari. The best way to explore the rich wildlife of the Llanos Orientales is to kick your heels against your mare’s side and join in with local cowboy culture.Your steed will be following a local llanero or herder, who lives and breathes the land, as you set across the plains in search of wildlife. You’ll cross rivers and head through bushland as you find white tailed deer, capybaras, howler monkeys and perhaps, jaguars and pumas. For beginner or experienced riders, this authentic experience will immerse you into nature and the local culture.

Loisaba Conservancy Horseback Safari Tracking Zebra


Become part of the savannah ecosystem. Siddle up to elephant, giraffe, and wildebeest as they feed. Trust in the sure-footedness of your four-legged friend.Riding will allow you to come even closer to the conservancy’s herds, without unnerving them. Horses are also able to follow tracks too narrow for traditional safari vehicles.But if anything demonstrates the advantage of exploring Loisaba by horseback, it’s the ability to track zebra and gallop with the black and white stripes.

Ol Pejeta Horseback Riding With Rhinos


Enter the 600-acre predator-free Endangered Species Boma. Come side by side the two remaining northern white rhino. Admire their southern rhino cousins.Ride through herds of highly-endangered Grevy’s zebra and Jackson’s hartebeest among several other species. Top it off by dismounting and enjoying tea and cake at Morani’s Restaurant.Safari on horseback is a completely different perspective and this is one of the best places in Africa to do it.

Serengeti Horseback Safari in Grumeti


From the camp you can hear the drumroll of hooves. Wildebeest and zebra are everywhere, marching on the migratory route. And you can join them on horseback. Galloping with the herds you become part of the landscape. This is the Serengeti and yes it’s lion country as well, but with expert trackers and good guides you can traverse the ancient grasslands on horseback. Grumeti is a private concession to the west of Serengeti National Park. It’s the only place in Tanzania to do a horseback safari and you must be an experienced rider. To gallop with the great wildebeest migration is an experience beyond what words can conjure.