Scenic Helicopter Flights For Your Bucketlist

The first scenic helicopter flight is always the most exciting. And then you do it again, and again and again. Because these flights create a new perspective on stunning landscapes, whether over a city, jungle, desert, island or anywhere else.

Explore more than 60 awesome scenic helicopter flights and add favourites to your bucketlist by tapping the heart.

Arctic Helicopter Flight


The Arctic is remarkable from every angle. Enormous icebergs calve. Ice sheets are covered in crevisses and nuance, with alpine water tumbling into Arctic abyss. Nature has sculpted an ephemeral paradise here, a landscape where every angle is both different and the same.As the ice melts the view changes. What you see down below will never be seen again. Yet in every direction there is a familiarity, a consistency to the wilderness. You will discover this seemingly endless landscape on an Arctic helicopter flight.Take off from the Ultramarine ship. This brand new ship has two helicopters and on a multi-day cruise itinerary you can experience the Arctic from the different angles of air, sea and land. And to experience the Arctic from the sky is one of the world’s great travel pleasures, an opportunity to gasp at a world on the edge of the world. Guides will tailor the flight so you can explore the Arctic's most impressive landscapes.

Backcountry Helicopter Ride Over Fiordland

New Zealand

Sometimes the only way to satisfactorily sample the whole scene is by helicopter. And what better scenery to sample than the steep slopes of New Zealand’s Fiordland. This will be an experience of exhilarating exploration, a thrilling helicopter ride in the hands of one of New Zealand’s legendary pilots. Taking in every terrain, from icy glaciers and green mountains to waterfalls and beaches far below, you’ll dip, dive and glide over the breathtaking beauty of the Backcountry fjords. The superb scenery will say it all, but your knowledgeable guides will be on hand with a creative commentary of all that can be viewed from your privileged position. This is a very flexible helicopter ride and the route can be adapted to take in different glaciers, fjords and beaches.

Banaue Rice Terraces Helicopter Tour


Discover the rural side of the Philippines by going deeper into the countryside and off the beaten path. Uncover the eighth wonder of the world. The Philippines national cultural treasure is Banaue Rice Terraces and oh my, what an enchanting sight. Exploring Northern Luzon by helicopter is a truly unique and comfortable way to visit remote areas. Fly right through the middle of amphitheatre-like rice terraces, hand-carved over 2000 years ago into the Ifugao mountain range.

Bay of Islands Scenic Helicopter Flight

New Zealand

Squeeze the best of Bay of Islands sightseeing into a matter of minutes without missing any of the main attractions. It’s all possible with a breathtaking helicopter flight. In a mere 20 minutes, you will be surprised how many marvelous views and stunning scenes you can fit in. With the aim of the flight being to reach the world-famous ‘Hole in the Rock’, you’ll be carried up high into the bright blue sky to look down upon emerald waters and luscious green islands scattered across the bay. Staring out wide-eyed in wonder at the pretty peninsula while your pilot points out sites of note, you’ll even be shown a local township where tribes have lived and thrived until this day.

Bazaruto Archipelago Scenic Helicopter Flight


Crystal-clear waters that shimmer in the bright sunlight. Long stretches of sand unblemished by anything but the markings of nesting endangered turtles. The vivid greens of native forest, home to some 140 different bird species.Take in the full glory of central Mozambique’s Indian Ocean coastline by hovering above it on a scenic helicopter flight. See how low-lying islands rise out of the azure blue, and discover a landscape few get to truly explore.This scenic helicopter flight is the ultimate overview on the World Heritage marine site and the colours down below are astonishing.

Belize Barrier Reef Scenic Helicopter Flight


Hundreds of sandy cayes and mangrove islands. Astonishingly clear turquoise water. The world-famous Great Blue Hole.Soar high enough to appreciate the abstract beauty of atolls emerging from shallow seawater and then drop low enough to pick out manatees, sharks, and stingrays swimming around the reef.Absorb the astonishing scale of the second largest barrier reef on earth from a bird’s perspective. A helicopter ride over the Belize Barrier Reef and its almost mythical Blue Hole is an experience like no other.

Bora Bora Private Helicopter Tour

French Polynesia

Seen from above, Bora Bora and Tupai are a rainbow of fresh blues hues on the dark blue ocean. Tupai has a surprising heart shape — it’s a must-see for lovers, an instantly recognisable image you gasp at from the air. And when your private helicopter flies lower over Bora Bora, you will be struck by the majesty of the extinct volcano, crowned by Mounts Pahia and Otemanu. Bora Bora’s original name means “created by the gods”. You will indeed feel that flying over these atolls is glimpsing the world through God’s eye.

Campeche & Calakmul Air Expedition


Flip through Mexico’s colorful history book by visiting two cities from disparate eras of the region’s past.Your private helicopter flies high above the lush jungles of the Yucatán Peninsula. Scan the canopy for gaps revealing hidden cenotes, as well as hints of stone, the tops of tall temples that betray Calakmul. Now shrouded by jungle, this was once one of the mightiest Maya cities in the area. Touch down and explore the site on-foot with a private guide. Then take to the sky once again and travel forward in time, to Spanish colonial rule. The city of Campeche sports a walled city center protecting a cluster of carefully restored buildings. Explore, indulge, then continue the air expedition.

Cape Point Helicopter Tour

South Africa

While anyone can ride the cable car to its summit, few get the chance to see the flat top of Table Mountain and the surrounding national park from the air.Taking off in the shadow of the mountain from a helipad close to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, you will sweep south along the wild coastline taking in historic fishing villages, vineyards, and secluded coves around Hout Bay to Cape Point, the most south-westerly point in Africa.Following a sumptuous lunch overlooking False Bay, a further breathtaking helicopter ride over Chapman Peak Drive awaits on route back to Cape Town.

Cape Town Aerial Photo Tour

South Africa

The air whips at your hair as you sweep over Table Mountain, having already taken in the waves breaking over the rocky foreshores of Robben Island.The vast panoramas of vineyard and township unravel below you without the glare or obstruction of glass on this special open view doors-off helicopter flight.Beside you sits specialist aerial photographer Grant Duncan-Smith to offer guidance. Experienced commercial pilots follow your personalised flight plan, one that will last as long as you choose.

Cartagena and the Caribbean Scenic Helicopter Flight


The urban sprawl of Cartagena’s colonial streets comes to an abrupt halt as the land meets the azure waters of the Caribbean. It’s an incredibly stunning metropolis, a juxtaposition of old and new. With this travel moment you will enjoy it all from above. On this helicopter scenic flight you’ll have complete control over what you want to see. You can point out the areas that ignite your interest, while the pilot helps narrate magical views of the city and sea below.After flying over a blue expanse you can stop for lunch at one of the Caribbean islands. This is a truly exceptional experience from both land and sky.

Chyulu Hills Transfer by Helicopter


Arrive in style to landscapes so fine they were used as the backdrop to the Hollywood classic Out of Africa. Appreciate the immense height of Mount Kilimanjaro from above on an exclusive flyover.Hover over the ancient chain of grass-covered volcanoes that make up Chyulu Hills, just a few minutes’ flight time but a world away from central Nairobi, thanks to this private VIP helicopter transfer.

Cliffs of Moher Scenic Helicopter Tour


A patchwork of farms and homesteads. Towering sea cliffs. Tumbling waterfalls, spilling into the roiling Atlantic Ocean.From the grassy top of the Cliffs of Moher, the ground suddenly falls away more than 150 meters to the ocean below. Absorb the staggering scale of one of Ireland’s top tourist attractions from a private helicopter!Taking off in the idyllic countryside, your pilot will bring you over the cliffs and let you marvel at them from a spectacular vantage above the waves. Look for waterfalls, jutting promontories, and the ruined Moher Tower.With a helicopter you completely avoid the crowds and see so much more than the visitor car park and main boardwalk.

Day Trip to Cesky Krumlov by Helicopter

Czech Republic

Take off from Prague and cruise above Bohemia in a helicopter, with rolling fields and picturesque towns dominating the scenery below. Cesky Krumlov is your destination, a World Heritage town proudly preserving its early medieval character. Here you can get lost in a labyrinth of romantic gables and houses. Romance soars as you admire the Masquerade Hall and Chateau Theater, some of Central Europe’s best preserved Baroque buildings. Travel by helicopter and you have the time to explore slowly. And exploring slowly is what this beautiful town is all about. Think small pubs, quiet cafes, chateaux along the Vltava River and an atmosphere from yesteryear. Whenever you’re ready you will return to Prague, landing at a helipad next to the city centre.

El Mirador Tour by Helicopter


Huge ruins lurk in the jungle, shrouded in vines and awash with the songs of birds and the occasional cry of a howler monkey. The best part? No crowds.El Mirador is a large, remote Maya site that was a thriving metropolis two and a half millennia ago. Among many archeological treasures, the site’s crown jewel is El Tigre, the largest pyramid ever constructed in the Maya world.El Mirador’s isolation deep in the jungle means that the only way to access it is by trekking 60km on rough trails—or by a short helicopter ride.Fly from the town of Flores, or your hotel, and tour this rarely seen ruin with a private guide.

England by Helicopter Multi-Day Tour


England from the air creates a wonderful paradox. Every landscape and angle appears different from the next. Yet it is all so quintessentially English. Oak lined rivers and stone cottages flowing through the Cotswolds. Glorious rolling hills in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales. Vast castles appearing from nowhere. Industrial cities of charming red brick terraces. Discover England from the air on a multi-day helicopter tour, a luxurious way to see the country in speed and style. The route can be customised to your interests, including Oxford, Bath, Manchester, Liverpool and the wild heathlands of Northumberland. It can include everything from Tudor homes to castle hotels, the London skyline to the Lake District.

Everest Base Camp By Helicopter Day Tour


Get an exclusive look at one of the world’s most adventurous destinations: Everest Base Camp. Take off from Kathmandu or Pokhara in a private helicopter. Fly over the city and into the rock and ice of the Himalaya. Travel through a landscape of perilous beauty, dominated by dark rock faces and colossal glaciers riddled with blue crevasses.Set down at Base Camp, where climbers prepare for the world’s deadliest ascent. Even here, you cannot linger long, for fear of the effects of altitude.Punctuate the return journey with a stop at Hotel Everest View, and enjoy a meal with an unobstructed view of the big peak in all its glory.

Executive Helicopter Ride Over Helsinki


Helsinki is steeped in history and an honorable heritage. Sure, you can have a fabulous time on foot and there is a torrent of tourist buses to show you the local landmarks but, the view from a helicopter is simply something else. An experience for every season, Helsinki city helicopter trips give you a sky-high sense of the city’s slender shape and stylish setup. A winter flight will leave you in awe of the beautifully built, snow white-covered architecture. The same trip in summer can give you a sense of vibrant colours, within this compact but contemporarily metropolitan maze of old and new.

Fly to the Beach Hong Kong Heli Tour

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s ultimate sightseeing experience, a helicopter flight over the city and out to a distant beach. The juxtapositions are breathtaking. Skyscrapers leen over the water, harbourfront excess meets green peaks, and then you’re off across wild scenery to Hong Kong’s most beautiful beach. Spend some time on the beach then soar back to Hong Kong, perhaps to touch down on a rooftop helipad.

French Riviera Heli Tour from Monaco


See the Cote d’Azur from Monaco to Cannes, from a classic vantage point. Taking off, bid farewell to the light pastel colors of Monaco and move out over the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, dotted with luxury yachts. Explore the aqueous bliss of Eze-Sur-Mer, St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, and other locales. Fly over Nice and its iconic Promenade des Anglais.Continue along the coast to Antibes and Cannes. Look down at the charming Lérins Islands before heading inland for a glimpse into the Riviera’s past at St-Paul-de-Vence and Eze Village, two preserved medieval villages. This helicopter tour can be fully individualized to take in different stops along the French Riviera. You can touch down to explore destinations of your choice, from vineyards to coastlines, even helipads alongside promenades.

Goa Scenic Helicopter Flight


Get a different perspective of the long stretches of golden sand in Goa from the sky. You’ll take off in a private helicopter from the Park Hyatt Resort and fly over the pristine beaches and swaying palms of Majorda, Colva, Benaulin and Varca. As you fly along the coast, you’ll be able to look down and gaze at the local fishing boats lined along the water's edge and the beachside shacks at the edge of the palms. A birds eye view of the crashing waves and little explored coves, will give you a whole new outlook on a place known for hippie vibes and beach parties.

Great Bear Rainforest Helicopter Adventure


The Great Bear Rainforest is a massive wild expanse of untamed nature that protects a quarter of the planet’s coastal temperate rainforest. See it all from above, on this unforgettable helicopter adventure.Mist clings to the tops of towering Sitka spruce and western red cedars, densely packed and brilliantly iridescent. From this living patchwork, Hunlen Falls tumbles into turbulent waters. It’s one of Canada’s highest waterfalls. Framing the scene are sprawling alpine meadows, shining icefields, and North America’s largest fjord system.Punctuate the tour by touching down at a remote beach. Enjoy a gourmet lunch, all the while keeping an eye out for the spectacularly rare spirit bear that calls this refuge home.

Guatemala Volcanos Helicopter Scenic Flight


Like much of Central America, Guatemala’s natural beauty is accentuated by numerous volcanoes. Take to the sky and see these behemoths in their full fiery glory.Your private helicopter will go wherever you like. Perhaps that’s over Acatenango and Fuego, two neighbors near Antigua. Each rises to almost 4000m and Fuego, the shorter of the two, is one of the more consistently erupting volcanoes in the world.Pacaya is another impressive option. While its summit is over a kilometer lower than those of Fuego and Acatenango, Pacaya has erupted frequently since the 1960s—including a few episodes that have rained ash on Guatemala City, nearly 50 kilometers away. From the air, experience the geological violence that has shaped Guatemalan landscapes.

Heli Flight Over Kilauea Volcano and Hilo


Hop aboard your private helicopter at Hilo airport and fly to Kilauea Volcano. Marvel at the sleeping giant’s broad slopes and the relative peace of its innocuous slumber. Kilauea may seem serene, but this volcano only recently ended a 38-year continuous eruption and is even now expected to erupt again. The volcano’s features are changing so rapidly that you won’t know what to expect until you get there. Cool off with an exhilarating doors-off helicopter tour of Hilo’s exuberant rainforests. Feel the cool air and hear the cacophony of life in the forest below as your pilot whisks you over the treetops. In a clearing ahead you spy a staggering waterfall, Waianuenue. Here, the Wailuku River pours over a natural lava cave, creating an impressive waterfall which scatters the sun in a magnificent rainbow.

Heli-Hiking on Mauna Loa


Taking off from the coast your pilot will bring you over uninhabited valleys, offering a glimpse of Hawaii before it was developed—lush rainforests, rocky slopes, and towering waterfalls. Keep an eye out for roaming feral horses, pigs, and sheep.Touch down in an isolated clearing and meet your hiking guide, who will introduce you to life on the ground. Pass beneath broad koa and ohi’a trees. Take care not to tread on the stunning tropical flowers which grow in abundance from the rich, volcanic soil. Cool off in a refreshing waterfall before flying over the rugged coastline dotted with remote beaches on your way back to the airport.

Helicopter Flight from Lake Atitlan to Maya Lowlands


See Guatemala from the sky, on this hours-long helicopter flight from Lago de Atitlán in the Western Highlands to Lago Peten Itza in the Maya Lowlands.Taking off from a helipad near the shore of the deepest lake in Central America, you’ll be immediately struck by the breathtaking vistas. Sparkling fresh water fills a massive volcanic crater, surrounded by steep hills and the sharp cones of volcanoes. Fly above the hilly highlands and make a brief stop amid the urban sprawl of Guatemala City, before taking off again. Settle in for a non-stop two-hour flight to Lago Peten Itza, in the country’s north—a trip that will take you nearly across the entire length of Guatemala.

Helicopter Flight Over Mount Etna


As your helicopter hovers over the very summit of Mount Etna, you will see a strange, almost lunar landscape: rock molten and solidified in strange shapes, in black fields where no blade of grass will ever grow.Smoke rises quietly from the active craters, and you will feel the power of the sleeping giant.

Helicopter Flight Over Taormina and Mount Etna


The thrill of facing the powerful and the unknown. How small you will feel as you hover over the slopes of vast Mount Etna. For some time, you see grass below. Then, no more green, only the severe dark of lava. And that cloud rising from the crater — seemingly innocent, but at closer look strangely menacing. How different is the view over Taormina! The city nestling above the cliffs, the imposing Greek theatre, the white sea-bathed coves. Then the blue waves, and Isola Bella just across. From above, you will experience two kinds of landscape and two kinds of beauty.

Helicopter Over Chocolate Hills


Explore the world-famous Chocolate Hills by helicopter, an extraordinary landscape graced with over 1000 cone-shaped hills rising from central Bohol.  Soaring over this natural wonder allows you to appreciate the vast area in which these random bumps rollover. It’s the best way to beat congregating Instagrammers and have the hills all to yourself.

Helicopter over Niagara Falls & Vineyard Lunch


Experience one of the world’s great natural wonders, away from all the crowds. Niagara’s famous Horseshoe Falls is the most powerful waterfall in North America, with millions of cubic feet of water flowing over the top every second.Enjoy a scenic helicopter flight over the staggering falls, as well as nearby Bridal Veil and American Falls. Hear the roar of the water even over the helicopter and watch as the neverending cascade sends plumes of mist high into the air.Afterward, touch down at a nearby vineyard for a private tour and tasting. Learn and taste the region’s specialty - icewine. This is a labor-intensive variety of wine made with grapes naturally frozen on the vine.

Helicopter Over Taal Volcano and Lunch at Sonya’s Secret Garden


While soaring through wispy cirrus clouds, the Philippines second largest active volcano bubbling away in Taal Lake soon reveals itself. After all, you do have the best aerial view of the area. After hovering over the highly active Taal Volcano by chopper, it’s time to assemble for a homegrown lunch delicacy. Fall in love with Sonya’s secret garden overruled by flora and fauna at a unique tranquil mountain location.Sonya will tickle your taste buds with edible flowers and sign you up to the finest Hilot massage in town. It effortlessly rebalances your energy.Finish your day at the bakery to sample world-famous Hopia and Spanish bread!

Helicopter Ride Around Athens


Take a helicopter ride and survey Athens as Zeus does from the sky! Watch the city unfold, stretching out into the shimmering blue Saronic Gulf. Fly past timeless monuments and famous landmarks, the helicopter providing a unique perspective on history. Ancient history comes to life right below you and you don’t need to fight through tourist crowds. Spot gigantic marbled gems that stand out amongst modern architecture. Admire the glorious Acropolis set on top of a rocky plateau, how it exudes an aura of intrigue. After hovering above Athens, let the aircraft whisk you away from the capital. Discover the wild beauty of Attica, home of the glitzy Athenian Riviera.

Helicopter Ride Over Mount Kinabalu


Glorious Mount Kinabalu stands in the distance, stretching rugged fists and rocky peaks up into the air. Take to the skies for a private helicopter tour of this majestic mountain. Such a peak emits greatness and you can enjoy exclusive views of its impressive summits as you soar through the clouds.Expect complete clarity throughout this early morning trip, as your panoramic vision is faultless. Appreciate the sheer height and magnitude of nature’s finest skyscraper, as your pilot reveals the myths and legends of South East Asia’s grandest peak.

Helicopter ride over Mt. Batur


Board a Eurocopter B2 helicopter and soar into the sky for a bird’s-eye view of Bali. Enjoy stunning aerial views of verdurous jungles and rice paddies carved out from hills. Hover above the crater of Mount Batur and spot the caldera lake. Skirt along the jungle-fringed coastline and glide past the remarkable offshore temple of Tanah Lot, solitarily braving wind and waves. This scenic helicopter ride can be adapted to your Bali itinerary. It can be a scenic flight to and from Ubud, but also part of a transfer around the island, for example, from Ubud to Candi Dasa.

Helicopter to Milford Sound

New Zealand

Milford Sound is a world-famous fiord that boasts breathtaking nature, waterfalls and rainforests. The only way to truly discover the ever-evolving ecosystem is by helicopter. Mist and spray cascades off sharp rocks. Countless lakes, glaciers and cliffs will be brought to your window, as your masterful pilot maneuvers your sightseeing machine through low-lying clouds. You’ll be laid down and disembark on the valley floor, to marvel at a massive overhanging glacier peering down from the peak above. Then you’ll gain an alternative perspective with a small-boat Milford Sound cruise.

Helicopter Tour of Mallorca


Look down, and you will see white foamy waves breaking on the cliff walls. The helicopter rises, and now you are above hills of rock and green, a stony peak, then white sandy beaches.You will fly over the rugged Tramuntana Mountains, with its secret uninhabited valleys, and the deserted Dragonera Island. Above the city of Palma, you will hover over the gardens, mansions and golf fields of the luxurious Son Vida neighbourhood. You may end the tour thinking of Tom Hiddleston in that Majorcan mansion in The Night Manager ...

Helicopter Tour of Venice


See the Venetian lagoon from a new angle as you soar above it in a helicopter.Away from the crowds, you will enjoy views of all the islands, from fish-shaped Venice to the Lido, S. Michele, Murano and Torcello.And you will marvel more than ever at the ingeniousness of those people who, out of a few marshy islands, created this inimitably beautiful city.

Helicopter Tour over Dubai

UAE (Dubai + More)

Born from a fishing village, where the desert meets the sea, is the futuristic supercity of Dubai. Take to the skies for panoramic views and explore architectural landmarks by private helicopter. With unmissable masterpieces piercing the hazy sky, there is no better way to experience the world’s tallest skyline. Soar as high as the Burj Khalifa, as low as Dubai Creek and capture Palm Jumeirah’s palm-shaped island from the only viewing platform, the desert sky. Encircle Dubai’s glamourous playground and immerse yourself in a sky above the urban jungle, where you can truly appreciate its unique character and charm.

Helicopter Tour to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar


Immerse yourself in a fabulous old resort by the sea, hearkened to the Spanish era and the Philippines yesteryears. Fly into this historic haven by helicopter to find traditional Spanish-Filipino houses and grand architecture connected by bridges and waterways. Set in the heart of Bataan, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is full of rich culture and heritage, and the best way to experience it is by taking a storyteller’s walk along cobbled streets. Rewind time with your storyteller as they reminisce about olden days by revealing hidden secrets about each architectural masterpiece.  It soon creates a bigger picture of the colonial era.

Helicopter Tour with Tasting, Cape Winelands

South Africa

Touch down amid the lush landscaped gardens of the Delaire Graff Estate on the crest of the magnificent Helshoogte Mountain Pass. Dine with uninterrupted views over the vineyards of the Stellenbosch Valley. Enjoy the range of flavoursome wines that result from the region’s unique terroir within the bespoke wine lounge.‘Delaire’ means ‘from the sky’. It’s a fact that should please as much as the private helicopter tour over the breathtaking vistas to and from central Cape Town. The vineyard is also home to South Africa’s most exclusive (and expensive) wine, a tasting of which will be included.

Iceland Helicopter Tour With Volcano & Glacier Landing


Enjoy some of the best views Iceland has to offer in a helicopter tour that touches down on both a glacier and a volcano!Fly over the cascading waters of Glymur, the second-highest waterfall in Iceland, which pours into a deep canyon. Soar over jumbled ice and land on a glacier, where you’ll have the opportunity to step out, breathe in the crisp, cool air, and feel the ice crunch underfoot.Take to the sky once again, this time headed for Hengill, a center of geothermal activity. Fly above a remote valley alive with steaming vents and bubbling mud pots, and set down on the flanks of the volcano!

Isla Chiquita Island Day Trip by Helicopter

Costa Rica

Take to the sky from the bustling city of San Jose and fly to a veritable island oasis. Powerful rotors carry you over the rainforest as you follow the contours of the Tarcoles River. Leave the mainland behind and soar over the Gulf of Nicoya and its sprinkling of pretty islands.Gaze out the window at Isla Jesusita, a hilly smattering of land surrounded by azure water. Touch down on the island for an open-air lunch at the Isla Chiquita Resort and dip into the inviting waters of the gulf. When you’re ready, fly back to San Jose for more stupendous views.

Istanbul Helicopter Tour


Witness the story of Istanbul from the sky, where the views reveal a city spread across two continents. From above, the sights of Istanbul dot the earth below, a series of gems glowing in a halo of history. This is a private helicopter ride over a land of riches.Feast your eyes over a timeless skyline, home to enchanting streets and legendary cultural sites. A miniature Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia salute you, stretching brilliant minarets up into the sky. Soar over the lively trades of the Grand Bazaar, on a captivating journey filled with elation and glee.

Karlovy Vary Day Trip via Helicopter From Prague

Czech Republic

This is a travel moment loved by Hollywood a-listers and other celebrities visiting the Czech Republic. Take off by helicopter from Prague centre and cruise to Karlovy Vary, a decadent destination of private spas, great food and beautiful glass.There are more medicinal springs here than anywhere in the world. Touch down and wander the spa colonnade, before lounging in solitude, in your own thermal spring. Explore twinkling cut glass and lunch in one of the country’s top ten restaurants. American Hollywood meets here every year for the international film festival and guests like Banderas, Freeman, DeVito and De Niro are among those who ticked this moment off their bucketlist.

Los Angeles Scenic Flight


On an exclusive, secluded plateau overlooking the shores of Malibu beach, you sit and enjoy your picnic. In the background, your helicopter awaits. Eating lunch you think of the wonderful views you saw from the air on your way here: Universal Studios, celebrity homes of Beverly Hills and Bel Air, the Hollywood Sign. Then, you flew west, above the long, wide, white beach, and the pier of Santa Monica, and the hills and mansions of Pacific Palisades. The views of the California Coastline were breathtaking. And the best of it is, as soon as you want to fly back, you will enjoy those sights all over again.This is the city of angels, so how else can you experience it but from the air.

Marrakech or Sahara Helicopter Ride


Soar the skies the Moroccan way. Watch as the views unfold in front of you on a helicopter ride over Marrakech’s fine terracotta walls. The shrinking souks of the red city beat below, a colourful hub full of culture and life.Make your way towards Marrakech Palm Groves, where the palm trees stretch for several miles. Dusty lands and quiet spaces, this is a complete contrast to the bustling Medina. The proud peaks of the High Atlas Mountains slowly come into view as you soar over desert, peaks and city. Alternatively, you can opt for a tour of the Sahara by air. Marvel at the vastness of this soft landscape, as you glide over risen dunes of endless sand. Fly over history’s greatest desert and feel on top of the world.

Matterhorn Flight With Glacier Landing


Spend one and a half hours in amazement as you explore the majesty of the Swiss Alps. Only from the air can you fully appreciate their scale and beauty.Your helicopter will take you by the massif of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, and over the Aletsch Glacier. You will fly over the valley of the Valais — and be awestruck by the tall pinnacle of the Matterhorn stabbing the sky.Your flight includes a landing on the Kanderfirn or the Petersgrat Glacier, both of which offer stunning views and an opportunity to walk high in Alps.

Meteora Heli Flight & Tour From Athens


Soar around the strange landscapes of Meteora. Rock formations baffle your imagination and from the air you can glimpse the monasteries, precariously hovering in the air. You will fly to Meteora by helicopter from Athens. Meteora is an archaeological site and has a no-fly zone, so you can’t fly directly over the monasteries. However, you can savour the landscape before discovering the landmark monasteries and rock formations. The tour can be tailored to your interests and wishes, whether you want the best panoramic points for photos, or to visit one of the harder to reach monasteries.

Mount Olympus Scenic Helicopter Flight


Mount Olympus represents everything to ancient Greece. It is a spiritual, all powerful mountain, a sacred home to the 12 Olympian gods. Today you will fly above it. From the air you can see why the ancient Greeks were so impressed by Mount Olympus. Some 52 peaks stretch across the landscape and you fly between them, above the bountiful beauty of old Greece.From alpine fields to deep gorges and mountain summits, this is your private journey in the land of the gods.

Mt Aspiring National Park Scenic Heli Flight

New Zealand

With some of the steepest slopes and wildest nature in the Southern Hemisphere, Mount Aspiring National Park is mostly inaccessible by land. Here is an extended 45min helicopter flight that takes you so close you can almost touch the peaks and hill faces. Starting off with a short flight over Mt Aspiring National Park, you’ll be treated to awesome aerial views of the glaciers and glacial lakes that can be seen scattered throughout. Next, on your drawn out journey to your final destination of Mt Aspiring, your pilot will dip and dive between varying altitudes to give you a perfect portfolio of angles and images.  As an exclusive added bonus the helicopter will perform an alpine landing, so you can step out and savour a landscape where few others venture.

New York Scenic Helicopter Flight


Feel the thrill of flying in a helicopter over Manhattan’s most iconic landmarks: the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building and the One World Trade Center.The streets, far below, are like a map of the city, spread at your feet and full to life. People and cars are so small from this height, as you see the entire city from a new dimension. On you fly above New York Harbor. The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Brooklyn Bridge: you will see them from the solitude of the chopper, with nothing between you and them. Flying on, you follow the Hudson River all the way to the northern tip of Manhattan. Being a bird is not bad after all.

Rio de Janeiro Scenic Helicopter Flight


Hover above the wide white beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, and the imposing statue of Christ the Redeemer.From your helicopter you will be able to fully appreciate the grandeur of Guanabara Bay, with its dramatic and unique topography. And you will understand why this is called the Wondrous City.Is there a more iconic city in the world for doing a scenic helicopter flight?

Rome Helicopter Tour


Look down at Rome. From up in the air you are even more struck by the size and grandeur of this city. Towers, domes, theatres and temples lie below, in a vast continuum of ancient glories.You will find yourself remembering a poem: “Earth has not anything to show more fair, and dull would he be of soul who could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty...”You will not pass it by.

Sao Paulo Helicopter Tour


Hover far above the traffic jams of Sao Paulo as your helicopter takes you on a sky tour of this gigantic city.You will fly above historical buildings like the Cathedral and the Ipiranga Palace, and over the skyscrapers of the financial district. Your guide will point outthe landmarks and the noteworthy architectural details of the buildings. Sao Paulo is called “the stone jungle”, and with this tour will help you discover why.

Scenic Flight Over Aoraki Mt Cook

New Zealand

If you’re going to take a helicopter to the top of an alpine peak, to step out and enjoy the view, few mountains come close to being as breathtaking as Aoraki. Being airlifted off a mountain often means disaster, being airlifted up and then taken back down at your leisure is a much more enjoyable experience. Although comprising a multitude of mountainous ranges, the Southern Alps’ most awe-inspiring and altitude-topping peak in question will leave you spellbound - Auraki Mt Cook is the highest mountain in the country. A helicopter ride will leave little time for discussion, as you gawp and gaze through the window. It’s a private flight and the exact route can be adjusted to your interests.

Scenic Flight Over Stavanger


Experience the majestic beauty of Lysefjord from the air. Fly close to the imposing rocky walls and marvel at the power that carved this valley out of stone, over the geological ages.Your flight will take you to the Pulpit Rock, a 600 metre-high plateau jutting out above the fjord. That final cliffhanger in Mission Impossible 6 was filmed at this famous site.But unlike Ethan Hunt, you are flying back to Stavanger comfortable and relaxed, to enjoy the view over the city and the harbour. It’s a good thing there are no villains around.This scenic flight can be adapted into an accommodation transfer or extended to include more of the fjords as well.

Scenic Flight to the Hamptons


Fly in style from New York to the Hamptons. It’s a scenic city flight as well as convenient transport to the coast. Your final destination is the seaside resort of Hamptons. The way you are getting there is an experience all by itself. Board the helicopter and just fly away, far above New York traffic.You will leave the great city behind. And before long you will see greenery, charming villages, sandy beaches down below. And the blue ocean awaits...

Scenic Geirangerfjord Helicopter Flight


Fly above and into the deep abyss of Geirangerfjord. The mountain walls rise so abruptly out of the water that there are no habitable shore areas. All around, you will see towering mountain peaks, nearly-vertical slopes covered by woods, and tall waterfalls. Some of Norway’s most famous waterfalls are here: the Seven Sisters, the Suitor, the Bridal Veil. Ask your guide and you will hear old tales local about them.Geirangerfjord is the most iconic destination for a scenic helicopter flight, the helicopter appearing so small beneath the vast fjord walls. You can extend the flight further to see more of the Fjordland and touch down in a place few people venture.

Scenic Heli Flight Over the Chugach Mountains


You may usually think of ice as being white. But as you look down from the helicopter you will see surprising shades of deep, clear blue. You will be flying over the Punch Bowl Glacier, located in the majestic Chugach Mountains, at nearly a thousand metres above sea level. This icy expanse is a sight to behold, and all the more striking a sight if you behold it from above. This is one of Alaska’s most scenic experiences, a helicopter flight over an untamed wilderness.

Scenic Heli Flight to Annapurna Base Camp


Annapurna’s south face is among the most imposing mountain vistas on the planet. Treking to Annapurna Base Camp to view the peak takes roughly a week, but you can get there in under an hour. And enjoy an entire helicopter ride’s worth of mountain beauty along the way.Fly into the mountains, traveling through deep valleys. See the peaks of the Himalaya rising all around you. See delicate waterfalls snaking down their sides. See trekkers on the trail below.Touch down at Annapurna Base Camp and savor the privileged vantage of the world’s 10th-tallest peak.

Scenic Helicopter Flight to the Colchagua Vineyards


Peer out the window at rolling forested hills while the helicopter blades beat overhead. You won’t know where to train your eye, with so much fabulous landscape unfurling beneath you. That is, until you spot the meticulous rows of grapes that are Colchagua Vineyards.Established on land chosen after extensive searching and soil testing throughout South America, Colchagua Vineyards is one of the most creative and exclusive winemakers on the continent.Touch down and embark on a private adventure for the senses. Tour the facility, encounter grapes on the vine, and of course taste sumptuous wines, including the vineyard’s signature creation: an inspired blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, and Carménère.

Scenic Helicopter Over Eastern Switzerland

Lake Cauma hides its turquoise waters among dense pine forests. But you will find these waters, hovering above to admire it from your private helicopter.You will fly between the tall white cliffs of the Rhine Gorge, and pass close to the Martinsloch — a natural window in a massive wall of rock. You are soaring above the Swiss Alps, finding delight in the sights that very few people ever see.Once back in Zurich, you will explore a chocolate factory, enjoying your favourite flavours — and discovering new ones.

Scenic Helicopter Over Iguazu Falls


Veils of water tumble through the jungle. Spray rises in diaphanous clouds, twisting and turning above the green. You peer into Brazil and Paraguay, then back to Argentina. The water never relents and you savour this ultimate of vantage points. Iguazu Falls is a monster of a waterfall. Cataracts stretch almost three kilometres across the jungle and you simply can’t see it all from the ground. But from the air you are doused in wonder, the endless falls and the endless jungle covering everything below. Iguazu Falls is a challenge to reach. It’s far from everywhere, deep in the jungle. Once you’re here you really do need to experience it from all the angles.

Scenic Helicopter Ride Over Lima


Get an exclusive perspective of Lima, one this is usually only enjoyed by birds and pilots. As you soar above the city skyline of this metropolis in a helicopter, you’ll enjoy a private viewing of the city’s shape and skyscrapers.Notice the old colonial buildings surviving amongst the more modern skyscrapers. Appreciate the incredible urban landscape as it stops dramatically short of the coastline. Explore the other side of the city, where informal dwellings fade into the arid and hazy backdrop. This is a view of the city few people get to witness.

Scenic Helicopter Tour of Iceland’s South Coast


Soaring into the sky gives you a unique vantage of Iceland’s contrasting landscapes. Some of the most dramatic scenery on the island is only viewable by helicopter and this comfy ride will give you a new appreciation for the country’s raw beauty.  Enjoy the bird’s eye view of smouldering volcanoes, glacial lagoons and snow-capped glaciers as your pilot whooshes you to various viewing angles. Get up close and personal with the infamous Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, see the hypnotising icebergs of the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and marvel at the gargantuan size of the Vatnajökull Glacier.   Weather permitting, you will make three landings on the tour for a chance to roam untouched terrain most tourists never see.

Scenic Helicopter Tour to Ninety Mile Beach From Matauri Bay

New Zealand

One of New Zealand’s most luxurious travel experiences, this exclusive expedition combines a variety of Northland highlights. Setting off from the meandering setting of Matauri Bay, you’ll soar over the water to your delightful destination of Ninety Mile Beach. Flying directly over the incredibly vast Ninety Mile Beach, you’ll touch down and have a walk on the open sand. Then return to Marauri Bay via two more Northland stops. A posh picnic of treats, snacks and hors d'oeuvres will be put up in a picturesque setting overlooking the coastal waters and cliffs.

Scenic Helicopter Transfer to Chaa Creek


See the splendor of inland Belize from the perspective of its many iconic birds.Fly over sparkling lagoons and rivers snaking through the jungle. See limestone cliffs, gaping cave mouths, and a 1,600-foot waterfall.Watch jungle canopy writhe in the wake of traveling howler monkeys and spot brightly colored birds take flight.Choose your route from Belize International Airport to Chaa Creek Resort on the banks of the Macal River and see what Belize has in store for you.

Semuc Champey Helicopter Tour and Day Trip


Semuc Champey is like something out of a fairytale. Unbelievably clear turquoise water fills a number of stepped limestone pools, cascading through lush jungle.Travel to this almost mystical site by helicopter from Antigua. Soar over farmland and countryside, then vast swaths of pristine jungle before setting down next to the Cahabón River.Follow a trail to the pools and explore the area. This is a place of natural wonder, of absolute bliss. Listen to the sounds of the jungle as you slide down slippery stone to cool off in one of the pools.

Sierra Nevada and Caribbean Coast Scenic Flight


Fly high above the spectacular Caribbean coast and Sierra Nevada mountain range on an epic scenic flight. There is no more exclusive and extraordinary way of exploring northern Colombia, especially the thick jungle region that remains off bounds to visitors.  After departing Cartagena gaze down at the incredible landscape below, as it transforms from sandy coastline and clear turquoise water to lush, green, rolling peaks. A real highlight of the flight is hovering over the impressive ancient terraces and platforms of the Teyuna settlement known as the Lost City in the midst of the Sierra Nevada (the only other means of encountering these ancient ruins is a four-day hike).On your way back to Cartagena you’ll stop for some relaxation on the picturesque beaches of Tayrona National Park. It’s just another highlight from a day of astonishing sights.

Singapore Helicopter Tour


Be whisked away into the clouds onboard your private helicopter.Hover above the world’s sole city-island-nation. Glance down at the diverse points of interest scattered across the land.See patches of leafy greenery interspersed with avant-garde architecture fashioned from steel and glass. Soak in the sights of traditional monuments, revealing vestiges of forgotten colonial history.This is truly the perfect chance to feast your eyes on the splendor of Singapore. Observe the sea-defying Integrated Resort built on reclaimed land. Make out the shapes of the off-shore islands floating on the shimmering water.

Sunset Helicopter Tour of Manila


Admiring Manila from the skies is a rare insight few get to experience. Appreciate the chaotic charm from above, after all, it’s one of the world's densest cities. On the ground, it’s an urban jungle. Glamorous shopping malls and high rise buildings pierce the sky. The streets are filled with hustle and bustle of markets, shantytowns and honking Jeepneys. Yet it’s so peaceful up here. Another hectic day in Manila is ending. The sun is disappearing behind the horizon and you are presented with an apocalyptic sunset. Dig into the VIP beverage and snack menu, marvel at Manila’s Bay and watch the city come alive at night.

Sydney Scenic Helicopter Tour


An epic 30-minute journey to all Sydney’s sightseeing favourites without jousting and jostling for prime position. Just fly up and over the crowds to see it all from a helicopter. Zoom through the city skies, swooping over the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach and all other landmarks of note. Whether by night, dusk or day, this is an aerial excursion over one of the world’s most unique urban coastal scenes.A whistlestop whizz over iconic architecture and stunning man-made structures is a great introduction to the city, as well as an insight into how Sydney wraps itself around nature.

Taal Volcano Champagne Helicopter Tour


Skip the logistics of travelling overland and water to meet the second largest active volcano in the Philippines. With Champagne in hand, appreciate the Philippines topography from hundreds of feet above sea level - it’s the only way to experience a birds-eye-view of the area.  The crater stands majestic on the ocean’s edge, with colours of luminous green spurting across the landscape. From up here you can savour its true beauty, without other people in the way.

Three Volcanoes Scenic Helicopter Flight

Costa Rica

Fearsome volcanic cones and otherworldly lakes—experience this whirlwind tour of volcanoes and associated landscapes that characterize Costa Rica.Beginning in San Jose, head across the sprawling Central Valley to Arenal Volcano, a severe giant slumbering next to a beautiful lake. From there, fly over the reflective surface of Hule lagoon and continue upstream to Poas Volcano with its active crater.  The extinct Barva Volcano makes three. Here, massive craters now hold colorful lagoons surrounded by lush rainforest.Take a coffee break at world-famous Doka Estates before flying back to the city after this private tour.

Tokyo Helicopter Charter to Mt. Fuji


Discover Japan from high above on an exclusive helicopter ride. Relax and soar towards the blue sky. Let the pilot take you around Tokyo and beyond. See the magnificent urban sprawl of the capital city. Then cross Tokyo Bay and glide towards the tip of Boso Peninsula, where land meets sea. Take in the beauty of Mount Fuji, with its snow-capped peak emerging through the clouds. Be captivated by meandering rivers and serene lakes, along with a colorful landscape that changes with each season’s passing.

Touch Down on a Swiss Glacier


Explore the Berner Oberland Alps from the air. You will feel small as you come close to the majesty of the three famous peaks — Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.Your helicopter will land on a glacier. Step out on the ice and immerse yourself in the grandeur of the landscape. Then, enjoy an aperitif. Few people ever venture here and the vista can mesmerise, peak after peak after peak rolling into the distance.Back in Interlaken, take the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Swiss meal, and do some shopping.

Tuscany Heli Tour With Winetasting


Tuscan vineyards roll over the hills. Medieval villages perch on hilltops, centuries of history revealed in their spires and castle towers.You admire this scene from the air, from the window of a helicopter. Taking off from your accommodation or vineyard you soar above Chianti and its villages, like San Gimignano, Certaldo, Monteriggioni and up to Siena.After the scenic flight you touch down at a private vineyard helipad, where the owner Pierluigi Giachi will welcome you with a glass of bubbles.It is the owner Pierluigi who guides your wine tasting, revealing the secrets of food pairing and what can be discovered in the cellars. After lunch and wine take a stroll through the vines, at the only vineyard in Italy to be shaped in a spiral.

Two Oceans Scenic Helicopter Tour

Costa Rica

Experience the breadth of Costa Rica in a single day—visiting both coasts and flying over many iconic natural gems.Begin on the Caribbean coast, flying over the forests of Braulio Carrillo National Park and then the watery expanse of Tortuguero. Touch down and transfer to a boat for a tour of the area’s canals, then swim in the Caribbean Sea. Get back in the chopper for a cross-country flight. Pass above Arenal Volcano’s sleeping crater en route to Las Catalinas on the Pacific. Enjoy a delicious lunch overlooking the ocean and then complete the tour by floating in the Pacific Ocean.