Immerse yourself in the riches of Spanish culture...

Clap to the beat of Flamenco music, as you swirl your way through a private dance class in Seville. Prepare to be charmed at an equestrian show, housed at the Cordoba Royal Stables.

These are tours that take you beyond the standard tourist experience. Authentic moments await, as you explore iconic crafts, cities and customs with the added benefit of a local lens.

Discover the renowned works of Madrid with a native art expert. Or perhaps you’d prefer to unleash your own creative side at a mosaic workshop in Barcelona. Learn about the history of each trade from your local artisan teacher.

Go behind the scenes and delve deeper into the richness that is Spanish culture.

A Day in the Life of a Madrileño


Forget tourist crowds and attractions made for them. This tour will take you to the places where authentic madrileños go.You will sit leisurely in a hip café, listening to the lively chatter of locals taking their coffee break. You will discover traditional artisan shops and meet the people who have been keeping them for decades. You will do what the people here do, after they leave the office and go for their paseo.With this tour, you will feel the pulse of Madrid’s true heart.

Art Masterpiece Tour with a Local Painter in Madrid


Maybe you find art museums a bit disappointing. Maybe you look at those paintings and know they are something extraordinary — but you wish you could tell why.With this tour you have a prominent artist and art professor with you.In the Prado and the Reina Sofia Museums, he will introduce you to masterpieces of Spanish painting. He will gladly answer your questions and tailor a route to meet your interests. These museums are too big for one day, so you need a guide to plan a route around the best stuff. It’s easy to be overwhelmed, but not when an art professor narrates.

Equestrian Show at the Cordoba Royal Stables


The gypsy dancer whirls in her flaming red dress, and the horse steps gracefully around, as if dancing with her. At first sight, those large, splendid animals can seem ponderous. But the impression soon vanishes, and you will see they are capable of the most complex and precise moves. The harmony between rider and horse is something remarkable, conveying the perfection of training and mutual trust.This is a equestrian spectacle unique to Andalusia and you will have the best seats for a local show.

Flamenco Lesson in Seville


This is the class that will have you unabashedly clapping your hands and stamping your feet. Flamenco music really is irresistible.And flamenco dancing is easier than it looks. You will start by clapping to the rhythm, and quickly move on to doing steps and moving your body.Bring your children and partner along as well. They will love this new and artistic way of putting all that energy to use.

Immersion in Flamenco in Madrid


Discover what makes a flamenco guitar unique. Traditional artisans will show you how they create the instruments entirely by hand. And in their eyes, you will see the love they have for their guitars.Next, you will set foot inside a flamenco school, and learn about what makes a truly great dancer. And finally, your guide will accompany you to a flamenco show. Guitars strumming, the stomping of feet, red and black flashing. You will watch the spectacle with a connoisseur’s eyes. And you will slip easily into flamenco culture.

Mosaic Workshop in Barcelona


Your mosaic teacher is a consummate artist. And he loves sharing his experience. You will feel this as he shows you the different materials and techniques, and evokes the history of mosaics in Spain.Handling broken tiles and glass, you will learn how to create your own piece, using the same techniques Gaudí used for the mosaics in Guell Park. In this workshop, you will not only discover the details of a typical art form from Barcelona. You will live an artist’s passion — and create a unique souvenir for yourself.

Private Gallery Tour with an Art Expert in Madrid


Meet art collectors and gallery owners, people who put art above all else. Admire painting after painting, and discuss their Spanish contemporary style with your guide. Your guide will not only take you to some of the world’s best art galleries. He will also tell you all about the artworks, their history, their technique. And he will want to hear what you think of them. After all, he is a renowned painter himself, and an art professor. This is not only his specialty — it’s his passion. You will see.

Visit a Fighting Bull’s Ranch Outside Seville


Blood and Sand. The Last Bullfight in Salvaterra. This is what you may immediately think when you see the black silhouettes on the hills.As you meet the people that work in this hacienda, you will feel their immense respect for the animals that make bullfighting possible.You will experience awe as you approach the bulls in the open field — from a safe tractor-pulled trailer. And later, as you talk over a delicious snack of olives, cheese and sangria, you will understand what this tradition means to the Spanish and why they love it.

Visit Private Ateliers and Galleries in Barcelona


Barcelona is filled with exclusive experiences when you’re guided by a local. You can find yourself discovering a renowned shoe-maker’s atelier. You will watch the manufacture process that creates the perfect pair of shoes, and probably find one to take with you. You can explore one of the oldest libraries in the city, housed in a private building by Gaudí. You can admire art pieces in Spain’s oldest — and private — art gallery.Just let your guide know. He will open the doors to exclusive and fascinating places for you.