These Art Workshops Are Worthy of a Place on Any Travel Bucketlist

Art workshops are an opportunity to discover history, culture and expression with leading local masters. You can learn traditional techniques, from manga to mosaic to Azulejo.

In private galleries you will uncover the secrets to time-honoured techniques and uncover the secrets to some of art’s most important stories.

These experiences are private and can definitely be worth a place on your travel bucketlist. Add them to your list by tapping the heart.

Lisbon Leather Engraving Workshop


Travel back in time as you visit period rooms in the Museum of Decorative Arts. From the 15th through to the 19th century, you will see furniture, household objects, ceramic tiles, painted ceilings, and even weapons.Next, your guide will take you to a leather workshop. Here an accomplished artisan will show you techniques of his centuries-old art. While you produce your own engraved piece, you will feel the passion and care this artisan has for his trade. And you will hear stories about its origin, and about his practice.

Manga Drawing Class in Tokyo


Japan is the cradle of manga art. Pick up the specialized skill of drawing manga comics through a private class with a manga maven. From sketching details to creating engaging storylines, learn the tricks of the trade from your personal art instructor. Exchange techniques and ideas, while elevating your artistic style. Share your favorite comics and anime, while getting to know new manga series that are worth exploring.

Mosaic Workshop in Barcelona


Your mosaic teacher is a consummate artist. And he loves sharing his experience. You will feel this as he shows you the different materials and techniques, and evokes the history of mosaics in Spain.Handling broken tiles and glass, you will learn how to create your own piece, using the same techniques Gaudí used for the mosaics in Guell Park. In this workshop, you will not only discover the details of a typical art form from Barcelona. You will live an artist’s passion — and create a unique souvenir for yourself.

Mosaic Workshop in Rome


Feel the tiny piece of coloured tile between your fingers. Then apply the glue, and place it carefully next to the others. Piece by piece, you will see the image being created by your own hands, until at last you look on a completed mosaic.Tile and glass; old mosaics and modern ones. In a small class, with an expert instructor, you will discover the theory and practice of an art form that has existed for fifty centuries.

Sumie Japanese Ink Painting Class in Tokyo


Find beauty in a world that is black and white through the art of Sumie painting. During a private class with a maestro, the sublimity of minimalist ink painting will be unveiled. Learn to appreciate this intricate art form, which demands discipline, dedication and years of rigorous training to master. Take the chance to have a conversation with your personal artistic guide. Be schooled in the various aesthetics of Japanese paintings. Through an honest conversation, go deep into the roots of Japanese culture and understand how art is entwined with the country’s history.

Taiko Drumming Workshop in Kyoto or Nagano


Feel your heart beat to the thunderous boom of Japanese taiko drums. Time and tradition flow through this revered instrument, long connected to warriors and gods. Taiko was a weapon of intimidation on ancient battlefields, as well as a religious representation in sacred shrines. Meet performing artists who will captivate you with dynamic drumming and riveting stories. Watch as they unleash the power of taiko. Then let your hair down, find your rhythm, and master drumming techniques that will electrify any atmosphere.

Traditional Azulejo Tile Decoration Workshop


Painted tiles are truly emblematic of Portugal. In this workshop you will discover this craft’s centuries-old history. You will learn about its origins, influences, uses, and the development of different techniques. The artisans create the tiles in an entirely traditional way, handcrafting them from raw clay to the final brush stroke. They tell you it’s a slow process, a labour of love. And you really see that. In this workshop you will not only paint your own tile, but enjoy the company of expert, passionate craftsmen.

Ukiyoe Wood Printing Experience in Kyoto


The art of Japanese woodblock printing has fascinated the world since its birth in the 17th century. Ukiyo-e exalts the beauty of females, as well as extols the majesty of nature. This art form used to celebrate a hedonistic floating world, while serving as a reminder for the transience of lifeSavor the intricacies of how woodblock printing disregards dimension and depth when creating graphics. Witness the boldness in accentuating shapes and colors when ink is transferred onto paper.The time has come for you to hold the legacy of Ukiyo-e in your hands. Immerse in the elegant experience of creating your personal woodblock print, and go home with an authentic masterpiece.

Visit Private Ateliers and Galleries in Barcelona


Barcelona is filled with exclusive experiences when you’re guided by a local. You can find yourself discovering a renowned shoe-maker’s atelier. You will watch the manufacture process that creates the perfect pair of shoes, and probably find one to take with you. You can explore one of the oldest libraries in the city, housed in a private building by Gaudí. You can admire art pieces in Spain’s oldest — and private — art gallery.Just let your guide know. He will open the doors to exclusive and fascinating places for you.

Zanzibar Artisan Workshop and Music Tour


Wandering around Stone Town you marvel at ornately designed wooden doors. Calligraphic patterns and beautiful mosaics dominate the mazy streets, every corner bringing a new piece of art.Zanzibar is defined by its art and you’ll spend the morning in a workshop, understanding the island’s history of art. An artisan will explain processes and how the island came to such a distinct style.Then music, the sultry sounds of the East drifting down the streets. Your afternoon involves an insight into traditional music and how it is impacted on culture.