Ideas for Exploring Lapland on an Arctic Safari

It’s not just a white wonderland. It’s not just the Northern Lights, frozen lakes, and an epic wilderness. It is how you get to explore. On an Arctic safari in Lapland you can travel by reindeer, rally car, snowmobile, husky, or go showshoeing. And there is so much open beauty for you to explore.

Uncover these 10+ travel moments and add favourites to your bucketlist by tapping the heart.

Family Husky Safari with Wilderness Lunch


Arguably the most majestic member of the dog species, with eyes like crystal glaciers and the physical force of a wolf, the husky dog is a marvelously mysterious creature. When the whole family has become well-acquainted with your new sled-pulling pals, you will set out into the eerily silent forest. The only sound you’ll be able to hear will come from the pitter-patter of the dogs’ paws. A scheduled stop for lunch will be the only interruption before continuing on your quest. After your ride you can show your gratitude with cuddles for new-found four-legged friends.

Family Snowmobile Safari with Lunch


Try something with an exciting and action-packed difference for this year’s winter family trip. It’s time to take those nearest and dearest on a family snowmobile safari in the Arctic. With safety a priority and only premium-level guides to assist you every step of the way, a snowmobile safari through the spectacular snowy scenery of Lapland can be the remedy to boredom blues. Dressed up in professional gear with added winter-warmth, you’ll rev the engine and venture out sliding and skidding over paths and slopes. Stopping only for a hot and hearty lunch of soup, bread and juice, you’ll enjoy the freedom of an Arctic wonderland. This is a moment where you have all the time and space that’s needed for your family to come together.

Four Day Safari Through Lapland to Saariselka


A chance to try living like a Lapland local. Sample the Sami lifestyle with hands-on snowmobile driving practice and the chance to ride sleds pulled by huskies and reindeer, alike (though, not at the same time). Spending the nights in actual wilderness lodges and dressed in the genuine garb of the Sami people, if it weren’t for the steaming saunas and crackling fireplaces, you may start to believe that this is your new way of life. Your expedition will take you in earnest search of those often elusive but marvelously mythical northern lights. Intoxicated with the simple yet spectacular beauty of your surroundings, you may forget that you have a life back home.

Olokolo Luxury Snowmobile Tour


You may love the idea of a winter trip but be deterred by the icy temperatures and long days spent on sleds, snowshoes and snowmobiles. You may not be the archetypal Artctic adventurer but still like to experience the stunning landscapes. Then the Olokolo luxury snowmobile tour is ideal for you. You can be served up all the satisfaction of a snow safari without the unwanted side effects of tiredness and frozen fingers. Encased in thick, secure perspex of see-through glass, you’ll be pulled at a conservative pace by your highly-trained snowmobile driver. Lay back on your silky smooth fur while being treated to a tour of the local wildlife and scenery. More realistic than the world’s greatest simulator, you don’t have to struggle to say you have been to the edges of the icy Earth.

Reindeer Safari Searching for the Northern Lights


Spend a few hours sitting atop a reindeer-pulled sleigh in search of those dazzling northern lights. Known in folklore as the friends of Santa, there is so much more to the wonderfully wild reindeer. Taking you through the desolate and deserted woodlands Finnish Lapland, your reindeer team will show you pure wilderness With a private guide who lives the life of a professional reindeer herder, you’ll learn the ways in which reindeer are raised, trained and cared for. Close your eyes to soak in the soft sounds of bells gently ringing and the sleigh sliding on the snow below and, just for a moment, you may believe that you’re riding shotgun with Santa himself.

Reindeer Safari with Authentic Sami Dinner


Any adventurers with a hankering for heritage and local culture will enjoy this reindeer safari with a special Sami dinner. You’ll ride in private into the wilderness, a reindeer-pulled sleigh sliding and skidding its way through the snowy trails of the Arctic outback. With the exclusive addition of a Sami guide who has lived the life of a local, you’ll be regaled with stories of the simple life and survival in a snowy setting. Finally, having expended much effort on the journey and working up an appetite, an authentic Sami dinner of meaty morsels will be cooked over an open fire in the welcome warmth of a log cabin.

Snowmobile Safari in Finnish Arctic


You’ll scale some of the highest slopes and venture high up to the most magnificent vantage points, from which you can soak up the scene of a truly authentic winter wonderland. Winding your way through beautiful nature around the astounding Arctic region on your own high-powered snowmobile, there’ll be no terrain too treacherous for your masterful machine. Prepare to be exhilarated and enthralled..Not wanting to expend all energy too soon, there’ll be a scheduled stop to eat a lunch of delicious hot soup.  Having spent an exhausting few hours steering and turning around all obstacles in your path, you’ll feel extremely deserving of your evening soak in a jacuzzi and steamy hot bath.

Snowshoeing in Saariselka National Park


Get in touch with the vivid surroundings of solitude and seclusion by strapping on a pair of snowshoes to slog through deep snowdrifts and slick slopes of ice. On a privately-guided snowshoe trek in the renowned Saariselka National Park, you’ll pass through some of the most stunning sights and scenery this part of the world has to offer. Famed for its untouched beauty and picturesque landscapes, Saariselka is home to packs and prides of indigenous wildlife. Your guide will put you through your paces with a route catering for your interest and fitness. Regular breaks for rest and refreshment will be factored in.

Two-Day Winter Roamer Tour of Arctic Finland


An authentic tour which will take you over land and water (sometimes frozen) on every type of transport Finland has to offer. Traveling from Rovaniemi you’ll venture into this Arctic land of marvel and mystique. First travel on a reindeer-pulled sled. Then a husky safari awaits and you’ll spend an afternoon with the delightful doggies.After an overnight in a wilderness cabin, end with an ice-breaking voyage through the Gulf of Bothnia. With two days you can be considered an authority on all things Arctic.