Add These Sightseeing Moments To Your Bucketlist & Discover Epic Architecture

The world’s great architecture impresses a wonderful sense of time and place. These are not just incredible sights to see, but travel experiences taking you on a journey to somewhere completely new.

From Peru to Singapore, Gaudi to Foscari, these travel moments reveal the stories behind the buildings. Specialist guides lead the way, showing you how and why these remarkable places came to be.

Add these sightseeing architecture travel moments to your bucketlist.

Behind the Scenes of Pisa


Is there more to Pisa than the famous leaning tower? You will find out on this expertly guided tour that goes behind the scenes. Some believe that everything about Pisa is wonderful except the tower. But those who believe this know the inside tricks and secrets. For you can take a photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or you can come and discover a medieval city that will open its heart to those who look a little further. But let’s not kid too much, that leaning tower is fantastic, when you know how to see it without the crowds.

Lima Sightseeing Tour


As you enter the old centre of the city, you gaze at the beautifully preserved grand colonial buildings. Standing in the central Plaza Mayor, you’ll have a panorama of the Government Palace, City Hall, Cathedral and Archbishop’s Palace. On this private tour of Lima, you’ll uncover the historical heart of Peru’s capital.The highlight will be stepping inside Casa Aliaga, a house across from the Presidential Palace. Originally built in 1535, the house has remained in the same family for an impressive seventeen generations. The richly decorated interior is a stunning example of colonial design and showcases how Lima’s architecture will leave you in wonderment.

Other Side of the River Agra History Tour


There’s much more to Agra than the Taj Mahal. By crossing the Yamuna River you’ll discover the pre-Taj history and architecture through Mughal tombs, gardens and observatories. You’ll visit lesser known monuments such as the pleasant Rambagh gardens and the 11 Steps that helped the Mughals study star constellations. However, the highlight will be the Tomb of Itmad-ud-Daula, a Mughal mausoleum, that is often referred to as the jewel box or Baby Taj. This delicate Islamic style tomb demonstrates a significant departure from previous Mughal mausoleums, and is the flawless precursor of the more famous Taj Mahal.

Porto Architecture Tour


This is a treat for lovers of architecture old and new. Your guide will introduce you to the city’s most daring and remarkable buildings.You will find Casa Serralves an unique example of art déco in Portugal. The Vodafone building is among the most surprising creative office buildings in the world. Rem Koolhaas’s Casa da Música challenges the order of the square where it is located. And the Rosa Mota Pavilion, besides its architectural peculiarities, offers you a great view of Porto.Let your guide know if you have other interests besides, this tour can be customized to your preferences.

Sightseeing Tour of Bilbao


Bilbao has something for everyone. If you like modern architecture, your guide will take you on a tour of its most famous and unique buildings. The Guggenheim Museum, whose steely surfaces reflect the basque sun. The immense Iberdrola Tower, mirroring sky and clouds all the way to its distant top. Bridges, industry, design: you will find them all here.If you like old places, historic monuments, classic squares, you only have to say so. You will see neoclassic government buildings, and discover medieval and renaissance churches, the Theatre and the Market. And then there are the places in between, the secrets known to locals that will elevate your private tour.

Sightseeing Tour of Modernist Barcelona


As your guide shows you around La Sagrada Familia, you will be impressed by its unique Modernist style. Combining Gothic and Art Nouveau elements, it is little wonder the as-yet-unfinished cathedral is a modern symbol of Barcelona. Afterwards, let your guide introduce you to Park Güell, also by Gaudí. Here you will ask yourself if this is Earth or some fantasy land. Palm trees grow in wide patios, columns and arches mingle with vegetation. Stones and caves almost leave you asking yourself whether they are natural or man-made. Enjoy your stroll in fairyland.

Singapore Art And Architecture Tour


Architecture reigns in modern Singapore, with mind-bending buildings sprouting up from this densely-packed concrete jungle. Be accompanied by an expert guide with an eye for beauty and design. Unveil the interesting stories surrounding Singapore’s contemporary architecture. Watch a romantic side of the country unfold. Get to know the colonial rarities. Spot the pastel-hued Chinese-Baroque terrace houses that have survived demolition.Venture deep into the cultural quarter to unearth nuggets of artistic gems. Visit handpicked galleries and museums that will orientate you in the riveting world of Southeast Asian art.

Tour of Taormina, Sicily


The Cathedral of Taormina may be small but it has a definite medieval style. Castellated walls and a tower make it unique: it is called the fortress cathedralAfter a private visit, spend a few minutes enjoying the stunning view from the piazza. Then go down Corso Umberto. You will come to the Teatro Antico, on the edge of the cliffs. It’s a Greek theatre with wonderful acoustics, that has been there for a mere 2300 years — and is still in use. A local guide will help you explore its architectural perfection, so you can grasp how it has stood for so long.

Visit to the Doge's Palace in Venice


Leisurely, follow your guide through halls and corridors, to balconies and windows and passages. Learn about the seven centuries of history of this building — once, seat of the Venetian government, now, a museum full of artistic treasures. Admire the architecture of the Doge’s Palace and its decoration, and the masterpieces it houses.Then, your guide will take you to rooms that are not open to the public. You will have exclusive glimpses into aspects of the palace that only very few come to know.Today, the Doge’s Palace is yours alone.