Explore the Amazon on One of These River Cruises

Exploring the Amazon on a river cruise can be very peaceful, floating through a natural landscape filled with life. It’s also thrilling, as you come face to face with animals and landscapes few ever get to see.

From monkeys in the trees to tropical birds and massive fish in the water, an Amazon river cruise if your personal window onto a changing yet mostly untouched world. You can explore from four different countries!

Discover these stunning Amazon river cruises. If you’re inspired tap the heart and add them to your bucketlist.

Amazon Cruise Charter in Pacaya Samiria Reserve


All you can hear are the sounds of birds chirping and the soft paddle of the water as your exclusive cruise floats through the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. The world’s largest protected flooded forest is surrounding you on both sides of the deck. This is how you really appreciate the wild depths of the Amazon. On this private cruise charter, you will enjoy first-class service and gourmet food as you spend your day exploring the Amazon rainforest with expert guides. By sunset time, you’ll be relaxing on the open deck with a drink in hand, appreciating the golden glow filtering through the lush landscape.

Boat & Canoe the Meeting of the Waters, Manaus


Witness a unique natural phenomenon. Here the waters of two immense rivers flow in the same bed, without mixing. A dark current and a light brown one, running side by side for kilometres.Together, the Negro and Solimões rivers become the Amazon. So when you see the “meeting of the waters”, you will be seeing the birthplace of the largest river on earth.After this, your private boat will take you where you can paddle a canoe in the flooded jungle, or hike if it’s the dry season. And you will discover the famous aquatic plant named after a British queen.

Colombian Amazon Boat Tour


Gliding along the waterways of the Amacayacu National Park, you can completely surrender to the overwhelming nature of the Amazonas. Listen to the uninterrupted sounds of birds chirping and insects buzzing in the dense rainforest. Hear a monkey howl from the canopy. Gaze at the different species of plants, many of which you may never have seen before. On this relaxing private boat tour, your guide will explain what you’re seeing and hearing around you. There’s no more intimate way to appreciate all the sights and sounds of the Colombian Amazon.

Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest Cruise


Pink dolphins pirouette in the Napo River. Monkeys howl from the rainforest canopy. Noisy parrots can be heard through the day and toucans swarm a salt lick. Ecuador’s Amazon is home to more than 500 species and on a single day you can identify more than 100 of these. The Ecuadorian Amazon is also very accessible. Cruising through Yasuni National Park and Limoncocha Biological Reserve, you will spend four days immersed in one of nature’s wildest outposts. Any cruise here means a complete submersion in the Amazonian world, but also plenty of comfort and luxury. Just sit back and watch the wildlife unfold.

Iberostar Grand Amazon Multi Day Cruise


Sip your favourite South American cocktail in the bar, while you watch the sunset colours on the river’s surface. You will explore the Amazon in comfort and safety as you travel on board this floating hotel. You will fish for dangerous piranhas, then relax with a massage in the spa. Discover the flooded igapó jungle, then dive into the cooling upper deck pool. Enjoy continental breakfasts and Amazonian gastronomy, then visit riverside communities, and spot pink dolphins and alligators.There are three possible itineraries for you to choose from in this family-friendly river adventure. Or you can charter the boat and create your own itinerary in the Brazilian itinerary.

Tapajós River Yacht Charter


Feel the warm sand under your feet, and relish a dive into the blue fresh water. This is Tapajós River in the dry season, with sand banks and beaches everywhere. Your boat captain will find you a piece of sand all for yourself.Spend your days diving, hiking the jungle, birdwatching in deserted river islands. Then go back and sip a cooling drink in your air-conditioned boat suite.Land accommodations in this area are very simple, so lodging on board this Amazon boat is the most comfortable way to explore the Tapajós. With a private yacht you can just cruise and explore, for one day or many days.