Get Some Big Adrenaline Thrills With These Unique Driving Experiences

It’s not just what you drive. Or even how fast. It’s where you can drive on these spectacular adrenaline-filled driving experiences. Like driving on ice, driving with a rally champion, or getting behind the control of a tank.

So start your engines and take to Formula 1 tracks, island dirt roads, and places where normal vehicles are not allowed to go. If you like any of the moments here then tap the heart to add them to your bucketlist.

Baja California Off-Road Car Racing


See the varied landscapes of Baja California from behind the wheel of a specially outfitted off-road vehicle!Tear along winding trails. Barrel through cactus forests. Throw sand on beaches. Race past picturesque churches, humble ranches, and dry mountains.The peninsula’s arid climate contributes to ideal conditions for off-road racing. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

Co-pilot a Rally Car With a Former Rally Car Champion


Collaboration truly is the key in this highly sought after driving day of discovery. You’ll literally have a front-row seat, perfectly positioned as a passenger, to learn the tactics and techniques known to just a handful of drivers around the world. Keeping a close eye on your personal ex-professional, you’ll experience how a car of such ferocity and power can be tamed to handle a track of pure ice and snow. Given the huge responsibility of navigating and negating the dangers and risks rapidly approaching at breakneck speeds, expect some initial shock and a state of heightened senses.

Drive a Motorbike on the Misano World Circuit in Rimini


Choose from a selection of different motorbike models, rev your engine, and revel in the speed. This is a very rare opportunity to ride a motorbike around the Rimini World Superbike Circuit. You’re not going to beat the lap record but you will have freedom to rush around what’s become one of the world’s most iconic motorbike loops.

Drive a T55 or T72 Tank

Czech Republic

Yes, that’s a tank. A T55, a monster of a machine that has been decommissioned after its military use. And that’s you behind the wheel.Here’s your chance to drive a tank, to feel the power, to bludgeon your way across rural Czechia. You can even finish off the experience with some machine gun shooting if you wish.

Drive an Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Czech Republic

A big bad-ass infantry fighting vehicle, a hulk of power and strength steaming over Czech valleys. You’re in control, commander of this military might, going up and down over everything that gets in your way. A guide will show you how to drive, before you take the wheel. Afterwards there is beer and a tour of all kinds of other military vehicles.

Drive the Modena Racing Circuit


A motorbike or a car? Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati? A new or a historical model?Just choose the vehicle you want and get ready to have real driving fun on the circuit. The Modena Autodrome is the safe, ideal circuit for taking your sports vehicle to the limit. Thrilling bends, fast straights and undulating gradients make this a challenging and rewarding circuit.Here you will experience the wonderful sense of freedom that comes when you push your engines. And find out just how far they will go.

Drive the Singapore F1 Circuit In a Supercar


Fulfill your ultimate fantasy and become a Formula One driver for the day!Singapore has been playing host to Formula 1 Grand Prix since 1966 and staged a never-before night race designed around the Marina Bay street circuit. From Ferrari California to Lamborghini Huracan, choose your dream car from a luxurious selection. Shift to the fastest gear and give in to the thrills of speeding. Drift along the city circuit, following the same curves as Hamilton et al. This is a very unique travel moment with a very fast car on a very fast Formula 1 circuit.

Driving Experience at the F1 Monza Circuit


Indulge your need for speed on the same track that hosts the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix. Driving your choicest race car, push the pedal and reach 7000rpm, as you live excitement of the highest speed.This is an incredibly rare opportunity to drive on the Monza Circuit in a supercar. You will gain expert tuition and be accompanied by an instructor throughout, as you push your nerve and ability.

Driving Experiences at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi

UAE (Dubai + More)

A place where race enthusiasts and people with a need to speed can spike their adrenaline. Home to the Formula 1 Grand Prix, you have the opportunity to drive, drag or drift a supercar along the Yas Marina F1 Circuit. Buckle up and accelerate, as the power of a Mercedes-AMG takes you down the 4.1km drag strip. Or maybe you’re eager to test out your drifting skills instead. Jump into a Ferrari 458 GT and tear around the bends and curves of the track. It’s like no other sport. This Yas Marina experience is an opportunity to drive like a race car driver. Which sports car will you choose?

Learn to Drive on Ice With a World Rally Champion


Here’s an unrivaled, unparalleled chance to drive at high-speeds on ice in the capable hands of a world rally champion. After receiving the very best in advanced driving tuition, using rally driving techniques, you will be let loose on private ice circuits to show your skills, flanked in the passenger seat by a tutor of the highest calibre. Yes, this tour isn’t just about the thrill of the speed. There’s no backseat driving here. You will get the chance to grab the wheel and feel, firsthand, what it takes to control these monstrous machines. Not for the faint-hearted, this is a high-end driving experience in the Finnish winter wilds..

Long Distance Off-road Enduro Motorbike Riding


You have all the power at your fingertips. Hopping over fallen logs. Ducking under jungle vines. It’s a thrilling expedition and there is no better way to explore Palawan by jumping on a modern-day stallion with ultimate freedom. If you have a penchant for wandering, fly down rugged roads through untouched jungles surrounded by limestone cliffs. It’s well off-the-beaten-path, as you leave Palawan’s main attractions and submerge yourself in rural cultures. Indulge in leisurely rides with fascinating landscapes or enjoy intense off-roading that’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s a playful activity which is entirely customisable. Either way, you will be buzzing by the end of a day cruising Palawan on Honda CRF250.

Rally Car Driving on Ice in Finnish Arctic


Boasting generations of world-renowned rally champions, Finland has the ultimate in fast, adrenaline-fueled fun. You’ll be able to use some of the newest, high-performance cars on the World Rally Car circuit. After ample practice and basic training, you’ll have a basic grasp of how to control and grip your monster machine on the slippery snow and ice. Then, it’s your chance to show your skidding stuff on a track specifically-engineered for that very purpose. Sliding around in circles at such speeds does require you to be a little crazy but, under the specialist supervision of your personal tutor, it will be a safe but highly satisfying day.

Supercar Driving on Ice in Finnish Arctic


After a morning of driver training you will have an afternoon to tame the ice. Yes, you will drive a supercar across the snowy Finnish Arctic. With vehicles to suit different interests, you can take anything from a Bentley to Lamborghini over an ice circuit. At the end of a day of draining but invigorating driving, you should find a quiet place to relax and recount the day’s experiences, reveling in the thrill of it all.