Volcano Hiking Ideas From Around the World

Yes, that’s a volcano. And that is you hiking, on the volcano. Sometimes it’s an active volcano, spewing out lava before your eyes, as you walk up towards a fiery rim. Other times it’s an old volcano, but it’s just as spectacular up there, especially when you peer into a caldera.

Explore the world and discover these 27 volcano hikes, from Congo to New Zealand, Ecuador to Kenya and the Philippines. And if any of these volcano hikes sound interesting add them to your bucketlist. Just tap the heart to save, so you don’t lose track of your travel bucketlist ideas.

Acatenango Volcano Overnight Hike


Safely watch a volcano erupt all night long! From barely two kilometres away!Acatenango is a stratovolcano that stands nearly 4000m high. Begin near its base and hike through a number of fascinating ecoregions before setting up camp on a high shoulder and waiting for the show to begin.Volcan de Fuego, Acatenango’s neighbor, is one of the most active volcanoes on earth. It erupts 300 - 500 times a day. Watch smoke and debris get shot into the air as your private guides prepare dinner. Once the sun goes down, see fiery red magma erupt from the crater and spill down its steep sides. After a night’s sleep, continue to Acatenango’s summit for an unforgettable sunrise and a gawp down into Fuego’s erupting cone.

Arenal Volcano NP Hike Plus Tabacón Spa and Dinner

Costa Rica

Tour along hiking trails on the northwest side of Arenal while your guide interprets the impressive sights and sounds of this active volcano and its attendant biodiversity.Marvel at lava rock formations. Spot white-faced capuchin monkeys and parrot snakes. Watch the lava-red sun set over the serene waters of Arenal Lake.Afterward, unwind at Tabacon Resort, a serene retreat that features both natural hot and cold pools, unique to the Arenal area.Drink in the surroundings while you bathe in water heated by Arenal’s volcanic heart.End your day with dinner at the Tucanes Restaurant, which serves up tasteful gastronomical experiences in the resort’s impressive rainforest atmosphere.

Baru Volcano Hike


Standing a mere 35 kilometers from the Costa Rican border, Volcán Barú is the tallest mountain in Panama. Move into and through the rainforest as the day breaks, hiking ever upward with your private guide. The adventure will take you through six ecoregions and the change in elevation creates an immense temperature variation.Your guide will provide fascinating insights on the ecosystems you travel through, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself at the 3,475-meter summit of this active stratovolcano. 3, 475 meters - that’s right, this isn’t a small volcano. The panoramic view is incredible, encompassing great swaths of the Panamanian isthmus, parts of nearby Costa Rica, and, in good weather, both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Climbing Mount Longonot Volcanic Crater


A multi-hour hike to the caldera of an active volcano. A trek through plains home to any number of herbivore species. Then a scramble over the steepest sections. Steam rises from vents within the walls of a crater with a circumference of more than a mile. Vistas stretch across much of central Kenya from a height of almost 2,800m/9,000ft. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the Great Rift Valley and its volcanic origins. On most days you only see a couple of other hikers along the trails.

Explore Irazú Volcano

Costa Rica

The Irazú Volcano is 3432m tall, making it the tallest volcano in the country. Standing on the summit on a clear day, you can see both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in one unforgettable panorama.Minerals from volcanic eruptions have made the soil surrounding the volcano exceptionally rich, feeding robust flora. Adventurous souls can connect with nature by exploring the loop hiking trail, winding around the volcano and between its numerous craters.For many, the highlight of the day is the view of Diego de la Haya—a particularly photogenic crater that contains a bright green volcanic lake.

Hike Hverfjall Volcano & Myvatn Nature Baths


It may sound dangerous to hike a volcano but rest assured, Hverfjall is dormant and well preserved. Hverfjall is a tuff ring volcano with one of the biggest tephra craters on earth. On an island of volcanoes, it’s remarkably impressive! At 420 meters high, you soon realise how nature can be so simple, yet so effortlessly beautiful.  Hverfjall is symmetrical due to its type of explosion, leaving the crater hollow with a diameter of one kilometer. Strolling along the rim allows you to appreciate the ripples of volcanic rubble and the scale of the volcano. After a morning of hiking, alkaline bathing and giant steam clouds will soothe your muscles. Slide into one of Iceland’s crown jewels and prepare for your eyes to be pierced by blue waters at Myvatn Nature Baths.

Hike Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcanic Crater


Thrihnukagigur Volcano saw its last eruption approximately 4,000 years ago and its dormant status gives you a thrilling opportunity to explore the inside of a volcano.Lace-up your hiking boots as it will require a moderately challenging trek along the volcano’s slopes to reach the crater. Step inside a basket dangling above the crater and descend roughly 120-metres into the mysterious magma chamber. The ride takes about six minutes and expert guides will stand alongside you every step of the way. At the bottom of the crater, roam the enormous space inside the chamber and study its incredible geologic features. Walk along the rocky crevices and shine your headlamp on the volcanic walls to grasp the seismic power that these structures possess. The stones scattered along the floor of the magma chamber reveal an impressive glimpse into geologic activity that continuously shapes this mysterious land. Return to the surface of the crater and refuel with a delicious Icelandic meat or vegetable soup. Relish the sensational views of eerie lava fields, soaring mountains and survey the ancient crater one last time from the distance.

Hike Kawah Ijen, the Blue Fire Volcano


Gaze into the fabled blue fire. Steam flutters towards the sky, soaring out over stark rock and a landscape that’s as much like another planet than what else you can find on our earth.This is Kawah Ijen, mystical in its blue-green hue, standing supreme above the island of Java. It bubbles and spits. It imposes and yet here there is also a sense of being one with nature.You will hike up to the rim and this is part of the adventure, as you feel the energy of the earth bubbling beneath your feet. Few landscapes in Asia can compare.

Hike Nyiragongo Volcano

Democratic Republic of Congo

Lava bubbles, fiery and red before your eyes. Steam escapes in great flumes from the volcanic crater. The African sun makes its brilliant afternoon descent. You stand almost 3500 metres above sea level, on the rim of Nyiragongo, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. The world’s largest lake expands below your feet. Reaching the summit is a full-day hike, ending with a 45-minute scramble on a near-vertical rock face. But as nighttime replaces day your energy returns. Pockets of fire jump to new parts of the crater. The liquid gurgles sonorously, almost like a waterfall. And sat on the volcano’s edge you watch nature's fire rumble on and on.

Hike The Cotopaxi Volcano


Mudflows dominate ragged valleys. Lava flows tumble visibly down the slopes. Snow shimmers all around the summit. Cotopaxi is the world’s highest snow-capped volcano, soaring almost 6000 metres above Ecuador’s plains. This volcano has erupted more than 50 times in the last 300 years. It’s often closed to the public, due to all the eruptions. When it’s open you can hike on this volcano and there are various trails to try. Reaching the summit requires mountaineering skills but you can hike up to the snowline and a landscape inhabited by condors. Just to set foot on the lower slopes, beneath the shimmering summit, is a magnificent moment.

Hike The Pichincha Volcano in Quito


Pichincha Volcano towers high above the city of Quito. It’s the iconic place to admire the city, accessible via the teleferico cable car. From the top you admire how the city expands through the valley, beneath the shadow of snow-capped mountains. Taking the teleferico is a famous Quito highlight, combined with a city tour or a nice introduction after touching down in Ecuador. But for a more unique moment, a travel designer can arrange special permission for you to hike up the volcano. A small trail will take you up the mountain, perhaps to the summit, almost 5000 metres above the city of Quito.

Hike Volcan Pacaya


Volcan Pacaya is an active volcano near Guatemala City. It stands over 2,500 meters tall and has erupted many times in the past century—occasionally covering the nearby capital with ash.Experience the beauty and ominous power of Pacaya on a private guided tour.Hike up the volcano’s slopes to enjoy sprawling views from its top. Feel the volcano’s power in the form of toasty lava stones and heat pouring from vents in the lava field. Revel in this bizarre volcanic moonscape, savoring the views, before heading back down.

Hiking on Hibok Volcano in Camiguin


The Island of Fire is the Philippines second smallest island. Despite its size, Camiguin rises abruptly from the ocean and holds four active stratovolcanoes! Trek through the dense jungle of pandanus palms and pitcher plants to discover its mossy crater, then dip in the refreshing crater lake at the summit. You will be scrambling all morning without a break and it’s a demanding climb using all four points of contact. Glimpsing back at the trail you will be stunned by sweeping mountainous views and the contrasting deep blue sea. The ideal stone pinnacle invites you for a quiet moment, to admire the scenery, to capture the moment.

Hiking San Pedro Volcano


Stand at the top of a volcano and absorb an unforgettable, expansive view of Guatemala, including the best possible perspective on Lago de Atitlán.Travel to the trailhead, a couple hundred feet above the lake, and launch up the steep path. Your private guide will show the way as they provide information on the area and the plants and animals you’ll encounter en route.After a few hours of exercising your legs and glutes, you’ll be at the 3020m summit. Enjoy a panoramic view of the lake, distant mountains, and plenty of volcanoes—including faraway Acatenango and erupting Fuego on a clear day!

Hiking the Rio Celeste in Tenorio Volcano NP

Costa Rica

Featuring iconic milky turquoise water, several hot springs, and an impressive waterfall, Rio Celeste is among Tenorio Volcano National Park’s main attractions. Your private guide will bring you on a hiking tour, following the river up into the park.Learn how natural aluminum, silicon, and acids combine to give the water its heavenly hue. Pass areas of the river which literally bubble with the output from volcanic hot springs.Your magical hike culminates at the base of the river’s large waterfall. While swimming in the river is prohibited within park boundaries, you can relax after the hike in a nearby hot spring.

Las Pailas Loop Hike on Rincon de la Vieja Volcano

Costa Rica

Volcanic mud bubbles swell and pop. Steam pours from fumaroles set in the brightly-colored ground. Water as dark and hot as coffee boils in pools. Welcome to Las Pailas (The Cauldrons) of Rincón de la Vieja National Park. This is the largest and most active volcano in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region. Begin your adventure by hiking through pristine dry tropical forest in the company of spider monkeys, armadillos, iguanas, and snakes. Once at Las Pailas, the character of the scenery changes into an otherworldly furnace. You will smell sulfur and feel steam billowing up from deep in the earth.

Mexico Volcano Climbing Expedition


The trail to the summit of La Malinche is both straightforward and spectacular. As the day heats up, climb into an open landscape of streaked volcanic sand. Peer down into a fractured crater from its dramatic rim.The ascent of Iztaccihuatl’s glaciated grandeur is more demanding. Follow your expert guide up the 5,230-meter volcano, staying at refuges and high camps. On summit day, you’ll be up at midnight, passing through a dark volcanic landscape before reaching the glacier. Don crampons, ice ax, and rope to ascend snow and ice, leading to the summit. The views from the top and the sense of accomplishment makes either or both of these volcanoes worthwhile challenges.

Mount Pinatubo Hike in an Open-Air 4WD


Mount Pinatubo is the delightful result of a savage disaster. A deadly eruption of the 1990s left a humongous crater lake and dramatic lahar cliffs. Jump inside an open-air four-wheel drive with your private guide and plough across the lahar landscape, thrashing over rocky terrain and volcanic ash. It's an exhilarating adventure and you haven't reached the foot of Mt Pinatubo yet. Leaping over river crossings and clinging onto rocks, you finally reach the summit, and you're flabbergasted by the colour of the crater water. It’s almost too blue to be true, so you take a leisurely dip. The cerulean lake contrasting against the colourless landscape feels otherworldly.

North Toraja Cycling & Culture Tour


Sunrise is almost always spectacular in Indonesia, but Toraja deserves special mention. Set off early and drive to Lolai, a Kingdom Above the Clouds, where you can admire how the clouds roll softly across the mountains.After sunrise you’ll cycle downhill to Riu Village, where a Torajan brunch is served in a villager’s house. Keep peddling, to reach Lokomata Stone Graves and Bori Megaliths, and then finally, arrive in Batutumonga.Here you will enjoy Toraja’s famous coffee with a serene view over the rice terraces.

One-Day Acatenango Volcano Expedition


At nearly 4000m tall, Acatenango is Guatemala’s third-highest volcano. From its upper reaches, you are awarded with splendid views of its cantankerous neighbor: Volcan de Fuego, one of the most consistently erupting volcanoes in the world.A trip to the top of Acatenango is typically done over two days, camping near the summit. However, if you’re pressed for time, it’s possible to travel up the majority of the volcano in a four-wheel drive vehicle.Complete the remainder of the hike with a private guide who will lead the way through a number of fascinating ecoregions. At the top, sit down and enjoy lunch while watching the spectacle of Fuego’s continuous eruptions.

Poás Volcano Day Trip from San Jose

Costa Rica

Poás Volcano is a contender for Costa Rica’s most impressive and active volcano.You will enjoy an interpretive trail that winds upward through cloud forest and delivers you to a breathtaking viewpoint. The stunning vista encompasses a 1.5 kilometer-wide crater and its two crater lakes, one of which is startlingly bright—and one of the most acidic lakes on earth.The 2,708-meter stratovolcano has erupted 40 times in the past 200 years. Even on its calm days, volcanic gases spew from vents, contributing so much sulfur to the air that it’s not recommended to remain at the observation area for more than 20 minutes.

Rincon de la Vieja NP & Liberia City Tour

Costa Rica

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano stands at the center of the national park that shares its name. This active volcano is nearly 2000m tall and has erupted as recently as 2011. Wander the hiking trails that span the park, offering glimpses of the volcano from all angles, as well as its subtler characteristics and the robust flora that burst from mineral-rich volcanic soil.Monkeys clamber up trees only meters away from bubbling mud pools. Vibrantly colored birds flitter above steaming fumaroles. The sights along the trails illustrate how natural beauty and volcanic violence go hand-in-hand in this uniquely diverse land.

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano Full-Day Tour

Costa Rica

This is a whirlwind tour of the wonders of Costa Rica as they appear to all five senses. Hike through the jungle to see cascading waterfalls. Stroll along rivers and listen to the layered sounds of the forest. Smell the rich bouquet of abundant foliage and tropical flowers. Taste incredibly fresh fruit juice. And finally, feel the disarming warmth of volcanic hot springs.Connect with nature as you experience all of this and more, at this protected wildlife sanctuary in the shadow of Rincon de la Vieja Volcano.

Tongoriro Crossing One-Day Volcano Hike

New Zealand

Touted by trekkers throughout the world as New Zealand’s very best one-day hike, Tongoriro will provide a day of intrigue on a surreal volcano. This all-day hike will take you out of your comfort zone. You’ll skirt around giant lava rock craters and tread atop an actual active volcanic cone, one that still smokes and steams as a remnant of its last eruption a few years prior. Your private guide has done this a thousand times and will ensure that your excited unease doesn’t turn into panic. And just wait for the views!

Tour the Snaefellsnes Peninsula


Exploring the historic Snaefellsnes Peninsula is like embarking upon a journey to the centre of the earth. Venturing off-the-beaten-path here can lead to great things, like Gerðuberg’s hexagonal basalt columns or Djúpalónssandur’s ancient lifting stones. Hike steep elevations of Snaefellsnes glacier-capped stratovolcano and absorb the mist from the powerful Barnafoss waterfall.Capture magnificent panoramas of Kirkjufell as the golden hour sets on its distinctively shaped peak. Reality sinks in and you realise this is it, this is the place, to sleep under the stars. You sit, and you wait, intensely. Suddenly, bursts of green and flashes of red and purple bounce across the sky! The solar flare is here, and it’s the truest phenomenon your eyes have ever witnessed, the Northern Lights!

Trek Taal Volcano


It may be small, but it’s highly active! Taal Volcano is part of an ancient volcano which has reduced in size leaving only the centre active. It’s unique for its hard-to-reach-location but with the comfort of a private guide and local inside knowledge, it makes a leisurely and rare adventure. The soil turns red on the final steep incline. Violent winds blow the hot clouds of steam, breathing from the slopes of its volcanic gut. It’s not much further to the summit. Epic views sweep across the island, revealing many cones and craters. And you can’t quite believe you made it to the top of this active volcano.

Wilderness Trekking up Volcan Lanin


Beech forests soar across the landscape. Unusual birds flutter their vibrant wings. You keep walking, up and up and up towards the border with Chile. This trek is tough, ascending a mighty, cone-shaped stratovolcano.Snow dominates the summit all months of the year and you rise through the zones, from open Patagonian plains to forests and icy wilderness. From all angles it’s a postcard and from the summit you enjoy limitless views across Chile and Argentina.It will take two days to reach the peak and come back down, two days of tough mountaineering and insatiable rewards. This is a private tour and you will have porters doing the mundane stuff, so you can just hike, camp and hike some more.